Wayne Gretzky Scores 50 goals in 39 games

Happy 50th Birthday Wayne Gretzky! I remember this night against Philly.


  1. Awesome Post! I got to see him playa game in his last season with the Kings. That's when the Hartford Whalers were still around!He is a class act!

  2. The Restaurant Manager…I saw him play with Edmonton in Toronto one time. I think he had two penalties, a goal and two assists after one period. He was something!

  3. Love Wayne Gretzky.True story Steven – I share with you:Went on a date when I was 19 with a really nice boy that I was hoping would go further. I really liked this guy.So…we stopped in a local convenience store and while standing on line I noticed a "Sports Illustrated" and Mr. Gretzky was on the cover, but no caption mentioning his name. I picked it up and said "Oh, I have to buy this Wayne Gretzky is on the cover!" My date looked dumbfounded and said "YOU know who Wayne Gretzky is?" I responded "Of course, doesn't everyone."He put his arm around me, pulled me close and whispered in my ear "Oh, I think I am in love."He couldn't get over the fact that I knew the MOST FAMOUS hockey player of all time [and this was a LONG time ago] but that I even liked hockey.We had some really nice dates after that but since we went to school hours apart from eachother the relationship didn't survive. He is still one of my best friends and actually ended up marrying a girl with my name [and my name is not that common in this part of the US] I always tell him I take that as a compliment. :DOkay – that was way TMI, but I thought you might like it. heehee

  4. SkippyMom…great story. Thank you for sharing that one.

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