No Matter How Stupid It Is Just Do This One Thing

Just take the order and let the kitchen worry about it.

Don’t make decisions , don’t overthink , don’t try to change or word it differently. Just take the order with all the modifiers and holds and allergies etc… Just put it in the system and let the kitchen worry about it. We as waiters are just the messenger.

If the kitchen can’t do it they will let us know and we will tell the guest. No sweat as we ( the waiter ) are just the messengers.

The guest tells us what they want and we deliver. Simple…

Keep it simple people. That is all we do. They ask and we deliver. Simple..

Got it! Don’t think just do. Easy..

I don’t know what else to add.


  1. The Restaurant Manager…thanks. It works.

  2. That only works if your kitchen staff has a brain too.

  3. Banquet Manager…that is true but I don't hang around places where the kitchen doesn't know what they're doing. Only places where the food is good is it worth working at.

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