How Not to Run a Restaurant

My wife is leaving her job next week after giving notice. Plain and simple after getting up since March of 2003 at 5 AM to do breakfast and trying to right a ship going in all sort of directions she has had enough.

She has some high blood pressure that she probably got from working there too long. Sure it helped out when we were bringing up our kids. We went without daycare and babysitters all the way till they went to school all the day. It served it’s purpose but now it is time for her to cut bait and getta out of Dodge.

She is tired of going in and having things not set up properly. For the longest time hot breakfast buffets were scheduled to start at 7AM and no cook would arrive till that time. Well I guess not if the stupid chef was scheduling him to come in at 7! I don’t know how many times that occurred.

Table set ups from the night time staff for the groups in the morning were at best only done properly half the time leaving my wife to rearrange things the right way. From what I gathered the night time staff was getting the wrong information.

The breakfast buffet is constantly missing things that should be there. Billing is a nightmare as some are on package , breakfast not included , buffet only etc. etc.. The thing is no one seems to know half the time what the groups are on. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

The leisure business has dropped drastically as the new owners are only interested in group business. Now if there are 3 waiters doing a big group the gratuity is 60 cents per person for breakfast. Split that up 3 ways and you got 20 cents in your pocket. Whoopee!!! The leisure at least you get $2 a head for breakfast right away plus any tip they leave on the table.

For the last 3 years since I started to work only during the evening , she has gotten up five days a week to toil under such confusion. Before she used to do the weekend only. That at the time was a bit more tolerable.

In the close to 8 years there she has seen 5-6 dining room managers. Unbelieveable!

Frankly I don’t care about the benefits cause it is the job that made you need the benefits in the first place. Why do people work at a job they hate just for the benefits they need in order to work there??? Think about it.

High blood pressure , insomnia , fatigue , stress who needs that shit. My wife doesn’t. So next week it is all over.

And to top it all off and to show how pissed off her work is about her leaving , the dining room manager hasn’t even acknowledged her leaving yet. It has only been 6 days since she gave her notice!

Well the others can get up and go through the bullshit now. Having to take abuse from the morning cook and set up a buffet and rearrange tables.

I will find a lunch job and let her relax and sleep in once the kids are away to school. Go back to how it was once before. She can finish painting and stuff like that. Volunteer at school etc..

The biggest thing about that place is never ever was there a supervisor there when the restaurant opened nor when it closed. Pretty hard to right a ship if no one is ever there during the most important times. Opening and closing.

Good riddens!

Yeah I got that off my chest didn’t I??


  1. what a nice spouse you are! Just stopped by as I was surfing blogs. Wanted to say I enjoyed reading your post. Stop by sometime and say hello.Happy New Year! May your 2011 be filled with many successes and much happiness!D

  2. Bravo to your wife! That was too long I think to put up with the incompetence, but I understand the work ethic she has.I hope she gets to relax, she deserves it. 😀

  3. D..Thanks for dropping by and will wish you the best as well. Will stop by your site to have a look.

  4. SkippyMom…you are right she does deserve it.

  5. I feel her pain! Great point about the benefits. Same thing with this place giving us free access to everything like golf, hot springs, steam rooms. We have to do those things (ok maybe not the golf lol) to be able to keep doing our difficult jobs. Sheesh 🙂

  6. Sous Gal…I never got a chance either where I worked. Too busy working.

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