Waiter Nightmares

The other night I had the great opportunity of being filmed in action with sound bytes throughout the service ending with a 25 minute interview afterwards.

It is all part of a customer service documentary that will be aired in the Fall on the Canadian Broadcasting Network on the show DocZone. Now there will be other contributors to the show of course but I believe my contribution will be significant.

To give you an idea what it was about it would be like a waiter handling some challenging moments and being interviewed as to what they were thinking as the service took place. Sort of like Gordon Ramsay being interviewed in the kitchen. It was good fun.

What was really amazing though was the work it took to get the right shots. Makes you wonder how it is when the longer shows are finally all edited and put together just how many takes and retakes it must have took to get it right.

I can tell you that if this turns out as good as I think it did it will dwarf any tv appearances I have done in the past. In fact I would be wise to piggyback on this one with some sort of book or something.

It was simply sensational and not to my knowledge anyway has waiting on tables been documented in a way that is real and true such as this.

I look forward to it’s release in the Fall and I will definitely be letting everyone know when it is showing.


  1. I'm sure they'll use the clip with you (especially if they were doing retakes, and different angles). You'll have to keep me updated – let me know when it will be on. Cheers!

  2. Michael…you will be one of the first to know that is for sure.

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