August and October Who Would Have Thought??

Waiting on tables continues to be where it is at for our family.

August was our best month of the year income wise which I thought strange but then October came along and together with teaching bartending on Monday nights was our best month ever.

Now if only I can get this cruiseship thing going that would be real awesome. Some things take time like becoming a decent waiter or anything else we’ve done for a while.

I continue to go in to work each shift and give it all I got. Leave it out on the floor so to speak. Don’t stop and finish each night strong.

I remember an experience I had when I was working in Switzerland and I took a few days off and went to Germany. I was sitting at this Movenpick restaurant and watching these German waiters buzzing around all their tables and I couldn’t help noticing how systematic the service was. Polite , efficient , and professional. Nothing fancy just plain good service. That was it.

Always remember that we get tipped on the service first. How much you smile and appear jovial in front of the customer counts for nothing if their drinks are empty , tables unkept , the food is coming out wrong and the timing of the meal is off.

You’ll always have the time to smile more while exchanging pleasantries at the end when they leave the big tip.


  1. This is so true. I think it is great if I have a pleasant, friendly server but if you forget my food, twice, your smile isn't saving you tip. heeCongrats on the great months – hopefully it is a shine of things to come.

  2. SkippyMom…hope you are all doing fine. You know it does seem though that despite the good earnings the money kinda goes if you know what I

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