An Update

Lately you may have noticed my posts have just been feeds from my tweets on Twitter. When I stopped posting back in May I found it difficult at first not to post anything. The pneumonia also I caught back in May caught me for a loop.

Of course if you do not post anything your readership falls down to nothing as well. So it was like either I post something and someone will read it or nothing at all and the blog will just die.

I realized too that if I wanted to get more readers I would need to blog more per day and use blog search engines more effectively. Also I would need fresh new ideas which I was short of to attract more people.

But to bring you up-to-date I am still waiting on tables in the evening, working for Expedia Cruiseshipcenters during the day out of home, and on Monday nights I am back teaching bartending which I am quite pleased about.

As well since my wife works breakfast shifts I am up early making lunches and getting the kids ready for school. Then there is the swimming on Mondays and piano lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday for both of them.

During the afternoon there is shopping and then getting ready to pick up the kids at school and school bus.

That is probably why I have put my own stories aside. When I did blog it was usually late at night after work but now I am just ready to crash. Instead of blogging I relax during that time.

Don’t misunderstand me when I say all this that I am unhappy about not blogging but I do feel I owe an explanation to a lot of my readers and fellow bloggers who I used to comment back and forth with frequently. I hope you are all doing fine and making some money in the business.

Meanwhile I will continue to add stuff periodically from my tweets and post stuff about cruising on my other blog for the forseeable future.

That’s about it for now.



  1. Welcome back buddy.

  2. Banquet Manager…thanks my friend. Just been real busy.

  3. I am glad to see you are feeling better – sorry to hear you had pnuemonia.I never took you off my blog roll in the hopes that you would visit us once and a while – with at least an update. And you have! Happy day.It is always nice to see you – and don't work too hard, okay?

  4. SkippyMom…I am feeling good right now and keeping busy that is for sure but that is good. Take care and hello to your family too.

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