Back to Work Tonight

The biggest motivating factor for me going back to work tonight after having a great vacation is now thinking about next year’s vacation. Yes I know there is a lot of room in between for other things to take place but this past two weeks has made me decide that everyone should take a couple of weeks at the very least.

Last night I started thinking about work and I thought about the last table I served before I went on vacation. It was 9:45 and a couple came in with a one year old and ordered an appetizer and a couple of steaks. An hour later after taking turns holding onto the child who was obviously overtired and whiny they asked for the bill. It came to a whopping (kidding) total of $75.32 and the guy says that is a day’s wages. He leaves $6.

I hope that family sees better days because when he said that I felt bad for him. Nice enough family too. Seriously if people are going out to eat where I work and cannot afford it maybe I might just look around and find a place to work where people can afford it.

In a couple of weeks I am starting a new blog or at least by that time will let you know of it. Life is about to get a whole lot more exciting for us.



  1. I just love when you "pop" back in – so nice to see you. Always.I know we always start thinking of our next year vacation the minute we leave – we didn't get one this year because of all the college prep for Squirrel – but I have been promised two weeks next year!And the new blog sounds intriguing – are you guys having another baby? 😀 That would be fun! heeheeHave a great weekend and welcome home.

  2. SkippyMom…Ha ha Ha that is a good one but no babies. We have our limit. It has to do with travel though. Good to hear from you and how good you are all doing.

  3. Nice to see ya!Iceland sounds wonderful this time of year, especially if you live in the US South! Yeah, I know. there's a lot of thermal heat hissing out of the ground…Hope you can make some dosh from a travel site. It would be nice to travel on someone else's dime. Just ask Tony Bourdain!

  4. Teleburst…Nice to hear from you too buddy. I don't think I can do what Bourdain does. He is way too famous. I think I would have to pay people to do the same. Going to be a side profession to go along with waitering.

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