Never Ask A Waiter If He Is Too Busy To Take Another Table

I just got triple sat and one of the tables was a party of 10. The GM comes over and ask if I can do it. Of course I can I replied.

I am in the weeds big time. I have tables all over the place and somehow I have to take this order from the 10 top quickly before delivering the drink order for the 4 top that I just took. Only 6 of the 10 speak English and the rest need translation. Great I finally get their order and run my ass off catching up on my other tables.

End result , I walked out with $232 last night and the highest check average. If this keeps up I am going to win the contest again.

A waiter would sooner be in the weeds and take more tables than say no and be standing around. Ask a waiter if they can handle another table and it is sort of a stupid question. They will always say yes.


  1. You're absolutely right. I won't say I'm too busy unless it's just to the point of insanity. My record is a seventeen table section when there was no other server there, I think I have handle an extra two top! šŸ™‚

  2. unless they're lazy and work in a tip pool.

  3. not me….I can be a right lazy as sometimes…

  4. Purplegirl…volume means money in both our restaurants I think.

  5. Waitress Diary…that is true. A problem can erupt in that situation.

  6. Manuel…naw I don't believe that! But I think you are like a head waiter anyway and can sit a guest where you want. Sort of pick and choose..

  7. I recall an evening when I had three tables in each of our four dining rooms and four out on the patio — no problem, I had it in hand. I was on my third wine presentation in a row, with one more to go when the manager approached me. She'd been in the computer and saw I had many more tables than the others and started pulling them from me. I was livid. It wasn't my doing. It was policy, the hostess tells you to take a table, you take the table or get written up.I love being ran. The more tables the merrier. I thrive when it's hoppin'.

  8. Bekki Lynn…thank you for your comment and I am with you. Give me the action!

  9. aren't you kind of old to still be a waiter? Jeez, no wonder you think $232/night is big money…LOL

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