A Dream Close

The other night I was closing and had no new table for close to two hours. Then just when I thought we were close to shutting the dining room a couple walk in.

Alright I guess I am here for a while longer I thought. The thing was not so much what the time was but when you have basically been doing nothing and you get a table so close to the end it is like okay here we go. It is going to be a slow long night like last Monday’s 12:30am departure.

They sit down and are taking their time when they finally order a drink. Then I get their salads and with their steaks medium well and well done punched in that order a few minutes later. Well it turned out these people were really nice so it was no trouble I thought if they stayed a while.

Their main course came out and I walked away to let them enjoy it and went to do some closing duties. A few minutes later I was coming by to do the quality check when they guy says we need this all packed to go. The babysitter had called and I guess they had to head home.

Stunned and trying not to show my inner happiness I packed their food and settled up with them on the debit machine. Not only did they tip but they tipped well and even offered myself to join them the next time while they were eating for a drink. Not sure I would be able to do that I said but thanked them and added I hoped everything was okay.

So the end result was for a change got out early on a bit of a fluke and made decent money on just 5 tables.

Sometimes things just go your way.


  1. It's like a weight has been lifted when those things happen, isn't it!

  2. Purplegirl…it was great. Lately have had to stay late so it was a nice treat. Hope you are feeling better now.

  3. "Stunned and trying not to show my inner happiness"I know exactly what you mean!

  4. Manuel…it is a great feeling isn't it.

  5. I attempt to keep track of closing hours, although most people I know don't care. If a restaurant is closing within a half hour, I don't want to order a full meal, maybe dessert and coffee. No matter what job you do, you want to go home!

  6. Carol…thank you for your comment and many a waiter would like to have a guest that notes when the closing time is like you.

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