CNN Article

Here is a waiter article I participated in that has been posted today. Unfortunately it lacks a link back to the blog but I enjoyed adding a few comments to help out.

Just click on the title to view the article. I found it amusing the restaurant that wanted to ban a bad tipper.

Waiting is a tough profession that has a lot of good and not much bad. My motto has always been if I cannot afford to tip well then I cannot afford to go out either. Better just to buy some groceries and have a nice family dinner.



  1. saw that…a few good pints in there alright….waiter rant knows what's what

  2. Manuel…didn't know who else was in the article. Obviously he was going to get more mention. He has the best seller! Ha

  3. Sooo Awesome!!What a shame they didn't link to your site. 😦 How did you get approached to do the feature?

  4. The Veteran Server…that was a shame about the link. I had an email and just followed up on it.

  5. Hey, congrats on the article. I'm jealous.

  6. Banquet Manager…thanks but no need to be jealous. If I was on TV with Wolf Blitzer or someone live then yeah maybe that would be cool. As it turned out they did not include a link back to the site so my readership never grew. An opportunity wasted.

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