How Disgusting!

Had this couple come in last night as part of a table of 7. Aside from holding up the table for a good hour before anyone else joined them he was quite rude.

He blew his nose in the clean nice white napkin at the table! In a honkin’ fashion to boot!

How disgusting! It really grossed me out.

What are some of the most disgusting things you have seen people do at the table?


  1. picked their nose and left the results on the side of the plate, then continued to eat..*gack*

  2. That IS disgusting! I admit I am guilty of dabbing my nose on a napkins at the table (sinus problems), but never on a nice napkin, and never a honking blow! Eww!

  3. Ppl can be dirty and unconsidered i had this one guy the one time that left me a needdle after he test his blood or something.The needle had some type of cap in one side but not the other it was kinda weird.Even though i problably wouldnt have gotten hurt by it just the fact that he left it there it was rude and nasty!Oh and i also get woman cleaning their purses or people in general leaving news papers boxes etc like the table is a garbage can hello!!

  4. where do you start….I've seen it all….from noes picking to sex…

  5. A woman asked me if she could change her child's diaper at the table. My horrified look must have said it all, as she promptly left for the bathroom, child in tow.

  6. AZWaitress…this was pretty bad.

  7. Anonymous…that is pure unsafe. Imagine if the needle pricked your skin. Who knows what the guy was taking a needle for. That is spooky!

  8. Manuel…I know by your posts you have seen your fair share..Sex in the bathroom must have been a doozy.

  9. Jumpit..what was she honestly thinking???

  10. blowing one's nose at a dinner table or while anyone is eating is by bar the grossest. excuse yourself and go to the restroom you disgusting pig. one time we were eating outside at a restaurant and a women hoisted her baby onto a table and changed it's diaper. It smelled like poop everywhere. SHE was so gross, she was a pig and her kid is probably in jail right now, as this was years ago, BUT EVEN SO, BLOWing your nose at dinner is worse. ha!

  11. Anonymous…I don't know changing the diaper is really bad.

  12. i got some more! besides the needle on the table!The one time i had this big group of young kids and one of them as i was putting the plates on the tables he started eating and all of a sudden he started trowing up all over the his plate i really think he did it on purpose..I got so sick after i saw that i couldnt eat anything all day..Then a few weeks ago this nasty old man throw up inside a to go box i gave him to take his food, and i sent one of my co-workers to tell him to go to the bathroom and he refused! why this nasty stuff always happnes to me!!! aaa!!!

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