CNN , Employee Incentives , and a Thought On February

Well here I am about to start my glorious one day off before heading back tomorrow after working 6 in a row. For my reward for getting the highest average cheque for the contest I indulged in a 12 oz sirloin cooked medium rare with a cajun shrimp topper , garlic mash and some frizzy onions. To drink I had a Heineken draft beer and and a glass of the Penfolds Cabernet Shiraz. I was stuffed after that and headed home. There is another contest coming up next week so will try to continue the winning streak.

Just a thought but whatever establishment you work in these contests do mean a lot and don’t think for a minute no one cares about coming out on top. Management would do well to hold such promotions.

The other day through email someone at CNN contacted me to talk about what peeves a waiter off and vice versa. So we talked on the phone a bit. It is a story they are doing not on television but in the living section of their web page. She did mention she was going to be talking to a bunch of other waiters so whether anything I said will go into the feature article will remain to be seen. Maybe even some of you have been contacted already. It was fun nonetheless. If anything comes of it and it goes on the internet I will let you know.

Just a note on February and it’s 28 days. Were any of you out there wishing there was a couple more work days in the month like I was before the bills at the beginning of the month started rolling in again? It is amazing how a short month really crunches the time between one bill and the next. Thus the reason for working 6 in a row. After today I am on 7 out of 8 days so should be caught up by then.

March is shaping up to be an awesome month and with the temperatures hovering around 5 Celsius or 41 Fahrenheit already Spring may be here to stay. Let’s hope so!

Keep on truckin’!



  1. Every February I bitch that we ought to get a break on rent, etc. for those extra days! It's a killer for sure.

  2. Purplegirl…I know so here is hoping for a solid start in March to make up time.

  3. An incentive is a tangible award that is earned by reaching a predetermined goal.The most common award types are travel vouchers and merchandise like electronics and gift cards.Employee incentives

  4. Parag…welcome and thanks for the comment. I think it depends what age group you are speaking of. For myself money or a dinner is fine with me. Someone younger might want electronics. Depends on where you work as well.

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