There Is A Vague Chance We’ll Order Dessert

Those are the words one doesn’t like to hear when it is their last table. The couple were sipping and I mean sipping on their last glass of wine and talking. Forty minutes ago I gave them dessert menus which they hadn’t even looked at. The guy was a pompous arshole trying to be the ladies’ man.

So when I went over there and asked them whether they were going to order dessert at all I get this response. I wasn’t impressed as I was now cut and the closer still had a few tables which was giving him something to do.

But last week the role’s were reversed and I was the closer and he had this table that was going to take forever. I took it over for him and last night he did the same for me.

I had to get up early this morning so I wasn’t keen on staying till the lights came on for this couple. It was worth every penny lost in whatever tip they might have left so I could get home earlier.

Sticking around is a nuisance. It is the law of diminishing returns if people linger like that especially with that attitude. I was just glad I wasn’t closing.



  1. I had a table sit for three hours last week….three hours? wtf?

  2. Manuel…WTF is right! 3 hours. That is cruel.

  3. Isn't it great when you can shove the campers off on someone else for once? 🙂 I was on the receiving end of that Saturday, though; one of the first cut servers has a table of two that thinks camping out in our restaurant was great fun. I don't know when they arrived, but they had finished their dinner and dessert when their original server left at 8:30. At 11, they asked for more coffee for the first time since she'd left–right after I dumped the coffee, naturally. They finally left at 11:50. At least four hours, just taking up a table and having a grand old time.

  4. Purplegirl…you almost feel like giving them a breakfast menu at that point. That table must have been mind bending.

  5. Funny – I hadn't read this post while I was posting the opposite on my blog (not exactly opposite in terms of the actual experience but opposite in the sense of having to stick around after you thought you were done). Gotta love this profession. So many ways to look at things. Plus, there's an amzing amount of off syncronicity in this business.

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