It Was A Madhouse Tonight

I honestly don’t know what is going on at work but tonight we had these huge parties. Easily we did over 600 covers tonight. I had a 3 table section and did 37 covers. My average cheque was extremely low for the second night in a row with 50% of my net sales being paid by gift cards which explains a lot. One table even asked me how much their bill was before dessert. That is never a good sign.

All in all though not too bad a night with $1080 net sales and I walked out with $166 after tipping out $40. The percentages were very favourable tonight tip wise.

With the rush and people cramming the place and the music blaring it felt like my disco days when I used to bartend in those packed places. The bartenders that make the drinks where I work now weren’t even born when I used to bartend back in the day.

It was fun tonight for sure….



  1. It wasn't particularly busy tonight on my end, but some reason I made more than I usually do on a busy night shift! Must have charmed the pants off of them ;)Good job WE.

  2. AZWaitress…good going to you too! It is funny that this time of year how busy we actually are.

  3. Crazy busy! At least you got a good tip reward for effort..

  4. Waitersfriend…on Valentines we open at 3 and we will do 800. Yesterday we were getting walkins of 25 right off the bat. We have a no reservation policy on Friday and Saturdays but people know if they can come early we can accomodate. That is when we get the 2 hour waits though.

  5. I must admit that I love the busy nights so much more over the quiet nights.I think it makes you feel like you have achieve quite a lot in just a few short hours. :)Though the tips definitely show that you did extremely well. šŸ™‚

  6. Caz…rather have those busy nights for sure. Makes it worthwhile.

  7. I would rather be busy and make tips then be slow and stand around. I hated being bored at work and for some reason I seemed to work more efficiently the busier we were.Do you find that too Waiter?

  8. SkippyMom…I sure do. Even last night was a good night for me being a Sunday.

  9. I too love being busy. I get in my groove and have no time to think about making a certain amount of money, whether or not I feel good, or complain. Just in my zone.I find that when it's super dead or slow I run laps around the restaurant trying to find something to do because I can't STAND to do nothing.

  10. AZWaitress…have to agree it is a lot more fun to work when it is busy than when slow and you are looking for something to do.

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