Flipping The Tables Tonight

I made after tip out $178 serving 45 guests during the evening. It seems like no one in my section wanted to drink alcohol tonight. Pepsi and diet pepsi and that was it. No ice and with ice.

I had a low average cheque cause of it but what can you do. You gotta give them what they want , not what I want. Right?



  1. That's decent though isn't it? I know I haven't been able to hit that yet ( well I have…but tipshare destroys it). I think thought that I work at a less expensive place than you do as well.

  2. Nice money, but that was a lot of work wasn't it? At least you didn't have campers. hee!

  3. AZWaitress…I tipped out $55 and I sold just over $1400. A lot of people just don't drink anymore and I had a lot of families last night with kids so that explains I guess.

  4. SkippyMom…you know the last two hours I had one table. I could have done a dozen more covers but it died. I was closing and hung around cause a family came in at 11:20. Ten minutes before closing. Stayed till one.

  5. i work at a steakhouse that has entree averages between $15-$17, so I don't think as much as yours. The most I have sold was on a double and it was almost $1,200. That was in 11 hours though! I'm sure you can do that in a night shift.Anyways, chin up WE! You know you're a great waiter, and that's $178 you didn't have when you walked in, right? 🙂

  6. AZWaitress…yes our average is higher and should be about $36 a head but the last two nights has been lower. I have just gotten the teetotlers but the money has been good and that is what counts.

  7. $178 rocks!! Great job!! God bless!

  8. The Veteran Server….it was a good weekend for sure. Thanks.

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