You Can’t Just Work for Money

Oh I know what you are thinking? What is this! A waiter who doesn’t care about what he makes in tips??

Hey of course I care about how much I make. I want to make as much as I can but what about if I just wanted to make money for no reason?

Here is what I am saying. No matter what you do for a living if all you want is to make lots of money you will never be happy. You have to have a reason to make money. You only will be happy if you have something to show for the money you are making.

My short term reason is for us to go to Iceland this summer for a couple of weeks. Long term is to pay the mortage down quicker.

What reason is it you work for money? What goals are driving you to work?

Love to hear some reasons why you do what you do…..


  1. I'm going to get a more expensive phone, which comes with a more expensive phone plan. It's my treat to myself, so I need more money for that…..Trying to save some cash to go to my aunt's wedding out of state in July…Trying to start a savings so if financial aide tries to screw me over again for Fall 2010 semester, I'll have some cash to at least make payments plans on tuition and buy my books.

  2. I like my car.. don't much like the payments but I like my car. I really hate all the hardware in my leg but, that's almost paid for as well. I like going to the movies, I like bookstores and Sephora. And I need to make plans for another vacation. Friends are talking about Napa.

  3. Confessions of a Waitress…Napa would be real nice.Love to go there if I could and drink wine all day. What is Sephora?

  4. AZWaitress…you have lots of things on the go. Good wishes on all of them. You can do it!

  5. sephora is girl speak for mecca. everything a girl likes can be found there.

  6. To me, it can't> just be about the money. I like money, and things like living indoors and having lights, etc. — but I've stayed in places I've liked when the money wasn't that good and left places where the money was good but the work environment wasn't.To me, there has to be a 60-40 balance of money and quality of life at work. It can go either way, but if one thing or the other gets topheavy, I start dwelling on what I'm doing with [or to] myself, dissatisfaction sets in, and it's the beginning of the end. I would also define "quality of life" as a sort of Fibonacci sequence, where caring about something other than myself for its own sake results in getting the resources to take care of my own needs,so I can be more full engaged in the bigger thing that I'm part of, etc. Money is part of this, not something that exists separately. BTW, yes, I'm nerdy. Also BTW @Confession of a Waiteress: I tried to look at your blog the other night and got an error message. Did you change your URL or something?

  7. Confessions of a Waitress…okay maybe that explains why I didn't know.Ha

  8. Vandervecken…I got ya. Totally with you on work environment. If you don't like it can't stay just because the pays good.

  9. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I went down to four days last year,right in the middle of the economic crisis, because there are other things I want/need to devote my time to. Right now I work with the intention of making enough money to pay the bills without worrying about them, so that I can focus on other things, like blogging for one, lol! Great post, I love the philosophical aspect of your blog!God bless.

  10. Paying for nice things.Paying for University expenses.Paying for a holiday, anywhere.Paying for dinners.Really, just so that I can do things and not worry about never having some sort of money to treat myself. However small.

  11. Caz…Those are nice things for sure. Remember to be good to yourself.

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