My Top 5 Jobs Beginning With Number 5

Over the past 3 decades I have had plenty of jobs. Some not so good and others not bad while a few were memorable. It is no coincidence that the jobs I stayed with the longest I liked the most. All except for one I worked with over a year.

I like to think of my career working in dining rooms and bars in similar terms to that of a professional athlete. When you start out you are learning on the fly then you begin taking in all you have learned from others and begin to have some confidence in yourself and your ability. Sometime early on you decide this is the career for you.

I would have to say career wise between 1988-1996 I reached some lofty personal goals. Physically my back began to suffer beginning in 1994 so the long hours on my feet and any lifting since that time has exacted it’s toll even further. To the point where I will wear a back brace and knee supports if I have to work any long shift. Fortunately this has not happened for a while as I now work during the evening .

Anyway let’s get on with number #5…

The 5th best job up to now I have ever had is the only one of the 5 I cannot name because it is the job I hold currently. I will tell you one thing and that if I was 23 years old and joined where I work I would love it even more. There is just so much staff get together events going on all year.

Why the place I work at is number #5 is because they are so flexible with their schedule. Up to now I never knew what someone meant when they offered flexiblity. The gratuities at times may not be up to par but at least I can rely on volume to make up for it. The co-workers are great and the management is excellent. It is relatively easy and I like that because the tables are moved by hostesses , drinks made by someone else , and everyone runs food. All I have to do is get the order right and punch it in.

The people are young with whom I work and that in turn keeps me young.

As long as I can continue doing what I am doing I will stay there. It has been two years already this month and I believe it can last a whole lot longer than that. I may be there 10-15 years.

In fact this company is one of the top 100 to work for in Canada according to a business magazine.

So whatever they are doing they are doing it right.

So number #5 is the place I work now which allows me to have a life outside of work.

On Monday will be the next one so stay tuned for that.



  1. So you work for a corporate chain, not a mom and pop place correct?

  2. Caleb…that's correct and thanks for asking. After posting I realized I had not mentioned it.

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