Maybe I Should Check My Lotto Ticket

Tonight was Sunday night. Our forecast was for about 400 covers and I had a nice section. As soon as I got in they sat me. I had 32 covers tonight mainly big tables. One was a 6 top and two more were a 7 top.

But this table of three made my night. I got their drinks which was a screwdriver , long island ice tea and a cape codder. That last one is vodka and cranberry juice. As soon as they got them they toasted to a birthday on the table. Putting that in my memory I get their order and they are pleased as punch when they get it. They are totally happy.

Remembering the occasion I order the dessert we offer to people with a birthday. It is free and everyone loves it when you stick a candle on it and bring it over.

So I bring it over and they are just so pleased and wondering how I could have known. It pays to listen as a waiter cause you can pick up things and surprise later on.

Their bill comes to $121 and change. They put some gift cards on the bill and say it is all good. So not knowing the amount of gift cards they left I run them through. I validate the two $50 gift cards leaving the $100 gift card till last. Well I put that toward the bill leaving a whopping $79 and change balance on it. Fearing they may have made a mistake I get them as they are getting up and they tell me that is for me. Thank you very much. I get them to sign it so it is all good.

So on a $121 and change bill I get a $78 and change tip. Well talk about floating on air.

That is rare but it just continued the rest of the night. One cheap tip I got , after one of the people at the table came up to me on leaving and left me $10 more in my hand.

My tip out was $36 and I walked out with $181. That on only $938 in net sales. A phenomenal night especially for a Sunday.

But a $79 tip on a $121 tab. C’mon that doesn’t happen often.

Maybe I should check that lotto ticket I bought the other day……



  1. This just made my evening – what a great group! The good always outweight the bad, eh?Now go check that ticket 🙂

  2. Awesome! What a great night!

  3. SkippyMom…those nights are great cause you least expect it to happen. It is why I still wait on tables.

  4. Caleb…it was definitely an exceptional night. That gift card one was unforgetable.

  5. Excellent!I love it when someone is generous because they've got "free money" (a gift card.)Someone check their passports!

  6. Teleburst…ha they were definitely Canadians and most unlikely by looking at them that you would expect such generosity.

  7. Good job!! I love when that sort of thing happens, but as you said, its not every night. As a regular reader of your site I can say that it seems that you get 15-20% on average, and that's awesome. Must mean you really know your stuff!! You're awesome. God bless!

  8. wow and from canadians! it's fun how just as one bad table can spoil your groove, one good table like that can offset thoughts of a bunch of bad ones as well …

  9. Wow, how cool!

  10. The Veteran Server… I do my best anyway. Last night was an extraordinary night. We all need those once in a while to justify our

  11. Purplegirl…I want you to have one of these nights!!! You deserve it!

  12. Vandervecken…really I do okay just that this night was exceptional. On most nights my percentages are pretty good.

  13. AZ…it was pretty cool. Especially when I went over to the guy and confirmed it and said yeah that is for you.

  14. sweet tips Steve…..I had people hitting each other this weekend which wasn't so cool..but they still remembered to tip….ha!

  15. Wow that's great!! Good for you!

  16. BB…nice to have a great day like that every now and then.

  17. Go check that ticket now! What a great night! Unexpected things really happen!

  18. Hope Chests…it was a great night but no luck on the lotto. Hey it is still all good.

  19. Manuel…that is the main thing. That they tip!

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