600 Covers Last Night

I think the Christmas rush just arrived. Although it is mostly gift cards , with one server I overheard getting $900 worth last night , it is good to be busy in January.

Made some money on the first turn but then got saddled by a party I had to share with another waiter and ended up making $22 on that table of 14. I had one other table that camped during the time of the party. Finally the party left and a 7 top sat down and after taking the drink order the supervisor came up and said you can be cut now if you like and I will let the other waiter take it.

Well I figured since I already took the drink order I may as well continue. Most of the night I hardly worked up a sweat just due to the lack of tables I had. At the end I was glad I did as they left me the best tip I got all night and I walked out with $130.

Tonight I start early then off tomorrow. Where do the weeks go?



  1. I always take the table. These days with the tip pool it doesn't matter so much but when I work without it I always err on the side of money. some money will be better than no money and if you don't take the table you don't have the oppurtunity. I'm glad you're busy your restaurant has to be much bigger than mine 600 covers would be inconceivable for me.

  2. off monday too….shattered after a tough weekend….gonna be a busy week too….bring it on!

  3. Confessions of a Waitress..I have to make hay while the sun shines cause we have really till May to make our money. The summer gets slow.

  4. Manuel…we gotta make the money now so we can take it easy in the summer. Anyway that is the plan although you are heading to NY soon so that will be nice! Have fun!

  5. You guys should join us on our forums over at http://www.tiptheserver.com we need all the servers we can get over there.

  6. Struggling College Student…I will check it out and we can do the blog roll on the page to get us some more readers.

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