I Wonder How They Tipped In Vegas

I had these regulars that come in every Friday and get their table 39 right by the fireplace. It was my section last night.

So they come in and the guy wants his draft beer but very little head on it. This of course so he can maybe get that extra sip of beer he feels he is getting ripped off with if it just comes with the normal froth at the top. She orders a maple berry cocktail. Then they order their appetizers but he wants his French Onion soup with the cheese well done on top. I bring it out and he says that will do.

Then he wants his New York done teriyaki with sauteed mushrooms that have to be cooked well done. He orders a Lobster tail with it so when I bring the butter ahead of time out so it can melt nicely over the flame he says to me that is not the way you do it. Heat up the butter then put it on the flame so it keeps warm. Okay then fine for him I will make sure the butter is warmed up right away. Now I know some places keep hot butter for the lobster but in our place if someone orders a lobster tail you’re best to get the cold butter and get it on the flame right away so it is warmed up before the lobster comes out. If you forget you have to nuke it then bring it.

So after heating up his butter a while later they get their dinner and they are happy. She had ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc without stating which one. So I get the first one that comes to mind , the one from New Zealand. She drinks it and when they get the bill she asks me is that how much a glass of Sauvignon Blanc is? Now I am thinking oh they have the cheaper one I bet so I look and it is about $4 less. Well they didn’t specify did they??

I get the supervisor to delete the one I served and punch up the cheaper one no make and give them the new bill. Explaining what I had done I simply said that I served the New Zealand one rather than the Chilean and that I didn’t know she had a preference. You see if someone just says they want a Sauvignon Blanc hey unless it is a whopping price difference I will serve the better one. Maybe on reflection I should have just assumed the wanted the least expensive but I didn’t. Anyway she couldn’t tell the difference as she drank the whole thing. But she paid for the one that was least expensive in the end.

Anyway they are all happy with that so their bill comes to $130.28 and they pay with credit card. On the tip portion it is $12.82 making the total come to $143. But instead on the total they make what looks like a 3 or a 5 squiggly so it looks like either. Sort of like an S. In any case it is not a 4 as it should be. They have left by now.

Asking the supervisor he says it looks more like a 3 which would mean it would be like a two and change tip. He says just add the $12 and something tip to round it at the $143. I did that cause obviously they do not know how to add properly. What a bunch of assholes and they are regulars!

They spent the New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas so I am sure with them our reputation as lousy tippers has been solidified even more. Run around for them and try to figure out afterwards what exactly they left you cause they can’t add properly.

Now you know why I don’t care for regulars where I work. If this isn’t a good reason why I don’t know what is. They will be back next week in their spot. I hope it will be someone else’s turn next week. Regulars , Bah Humbug!!


  1. I hate people who can't add properly, so my tip gets reduced, the people who just put a total on the bottom because they're too lazy to do the tip themselves and expect me to do it for them, and then people that don't even sign the CC slip.I hope you don't have them next week!

  2. I'm just the opposite … when someone orders a wine by type ["I'll have a glass of cab"] instead of specifying which particular one they want ["I'll have a glass of Justin"], I assume they want the cheapest one. My logic is that people who care about the wine order the one they want or at least ask questions. People who don't care which wine they get usually care more about the price. My cheapass radar is pretty good.I totally agree with you that needy regulars suck, BTW. For the same reason.

  3. AZWaitress…I had another one like this last night again.I am hoping as well not to get them again in the near future.

  4. Vandervecken…you are right. Honestly the cheaper wine just slipped my mind. We don't really have a house wine so I automatically thought of this Sauvignon Blanc rather than the other. Although she drank the whole thing. Oh well she got the price of the cheaper one at the end which is what she was up about. Couldn't very well regurgitate what she drank up. But you are right , your point well taken.

  5. You keep justifying not clarifying her order of wine by saying "But she drank it all."Well, why shouldn't she? – it is the type she wanted and a better label. I would've drank it to.Now I wouldn't have questioned what you served me, but if I was waitressing I would never serve the one "I remembered" [as opposed to the one you forgot – the cheaper one] to a guest – either give the house version [cheapest] or clarify their choice by asking.99.9% of the time I agree with you, but here I can understand her being a lil' bent about an upsale because you didn't ask what she wanted. You all say that your aren't mind readers. That all said – they were jerks all the way around besides that. [The butter thing was so stupid]

  6. SkippyMom..you're right but I fixed it which was the main thing.

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