I Am Looking For 10 People – Bartending Course

The bartending course that I teach at Georgian College begins on January 18th. For those of you who live close by or know someone who does they can contact me directly or the college at 519-940-0331.

It is a good time and everyone has fun learning how to make drinks and taste them as well. We work with real alcohol and not the colored water. It is a 10 week course that includes the Ontario Smart Serve program.

So if you are looking at ways to add some fun and extra income to your life there is not much time. It takes place on Monday night from 7-10 in the evening.

See you there.


  1. Sorry I don't live closer. I would love to take the class.Why do you have two links to the same blog on your sidebar? I don't care much for the redo on his blog, but am I missing something that I should be clicking on both? I have tried it, but they both look the same to me.

  2. SkippyMom…I am hoping too as I need 10 but only have 4 so far. Be a shame too cause I have a raise in salary from $28 to $46 an hour.

  3. I will tell my friend to try this out! He had been trying to apply as a bartender. I hope this one can help.

  4. Hope Chest…that would be great. It is a good part time income in these tough times.

  5. Absolute or Belvedere?Too far for me my friend. Great idea though, hope it goes well.

  6. Banquet Manager…no worries if it works out great if not there is always the spring semester. Thanks

  7. Hi there! Long time lurker, first time commenting! How much is the Bartending class? I actually live in town! Maybe it's a sign?

  8. Jenn…call the number on the post. I really didn't think anyone lived nearby who read this blog. lol It's real alcohol , lots of fun , and you get your smart serve too. Mondays 7-10. Thanks for expressing interest.

  9. RGMania…checked out your site. Pretty good stuff you do. I have been around your parts a few times. Thanks for looking me up and feel free to comment anytime.

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