Why I Cannot Be a Dining Room Manager

An opening has just come up for a dining room manager just 8 minutes from our place. It has an extensive wine list , nice white tablecloths , people with some money eat there etc..

But I wouldn’t even apply for it now whereas one time I might have. You see the hours I would work will double what I am working now. I would be away from seeing my kids , it would interfere with my wife’s schedule and the family take home pay would actually drop.

All good reasons I remain a waiter. More time , more money , no headaches.

What other profession pays a person more to remain exactly where they are as a waiter in comparison to a move up to management where the pay should be better? At least where I come from.

Now here is a question. Would you , assuming you make decent money at what you do , consider moving up to a management position at this time if you were offered a position? Even if it meant a cut in pay at the beginning?



  1. At this point in my life. No. Because I make more than the management. I work less hours and in my current position there's a hierachy of management that would make your head spin. and as much as servers are beholden to help out wherever and whenever it's necessary for all of the properties that's magnified for the management. I like my gig now. I like not being held accountable for mistake above my own tables and there just isn't any motivation to change it up.

  2. I'd take the pay cut in exchange for income stability and benefits, absolutely. Of course, as you've probably gathered, my place of business is really uneven in terms of tips!

  3. Confessions of a Waitress…I can't afford it with a family.That's about it. Too much time and committment as well.

  4. Purplegirl…if the tips dried up completely where I was I would have to leave. It is tough to make lousy money. I think that is why I hardly see managers with kids nowadays.

  5. I think it would be good long term. Once you have a year or two of experience under your belt, you don't have to stay there. You can start looking for other management jobs that pay better.

  6. Anonymous..if I was 20-30 years of age I would. But then again I was restaurant manager and all that back then. With a family hard to take the pay cut.

  7. "All good reasons I remain a waiter. More time , more money , no headaches"That's exactly it…some people don;t get it….but then again some people need titles

  8. Manuel…when you get a title you are that much closer out the door in most spots anyway. Nice to leave the BS to others. I just leave nice and quietly.

  9. Probably not … around here, the job is called "floor supervisor" [even in non-corporate places] and pays about $9 an hour. It's not even a matter of whether I'd want to, I can't afford to work for that little money!Some people take this job but keep some floor shifts, but the way the minimum wage tip credit works, it just hoses your paycheck to make tips and a bigger hourly wage. That's a main reason I longer pull line shifts, which pays the same and is far more fun. I used to do that during the summer when it's dead … but then during the season when it's busy, you get exploited, end up working 7000 hours a week [open the line at 9 a.m., cook lunch, close the dining room out at 12:30 the next a.m., and for a break you get "hurry up and change, you're sat"]. And your paychecks are a mess. That said, I have mixed feelings about doing the same job forever. If I was in the right gig and felt personally invested in the place, that might change things.

  10. Vandervecken…that is a lot of hours. You know the only way people can work a lot of hours is like you say they have a vested interest in the restaurant or they get some great bonuses based on results. Like if you are a GM or something to that effect. The supervisor ends up working many hours and gets killed on the paycheck.

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