Be Honest – How Many Service Jobs Have You Had Up to Now?

My longest time I worked with a company was in the 90’s when I did 5 contracts of 6 months each with Renaissance Cruises. The longest I have worked anywhere after that was about 2 1/2 years at a couple of places.

I have never been fired from any job and have gone back to work for a few. Not to toot my horn but I can only think of maybe 1 where I left on not such good terms.

Altogether I can probably name off the top of my head 36 jobs and then you can probably add on a few more that I cannot remember cause I walked in and worked and left the next day to another one. Now these are just hospitality jobs I am thinking of but not the 3 businesses I owned at different times nor the numerous sales jobs I have worked at as well.

Nowadays like moving I find it extremely difficult to change anything because I have it so good right now. I am settled but it took a while!

How many have you gone through? A lot in a short time or many in a long time? Or maybe you are on the first one….

Are you a job flipper which is hard to do nowadays or one who likes to stay in one spot?

C’mon tell us your story. Add them up.



  1. My first job was fast food, followed by 4 years at the same restaurant as the salad prep, dishwasher, busser and finally server. Then I moved onto 3 more different server jobs in college [a year a piece] and 2 [dif restaurants] more during my first marriage.So I don't know how that adds up. I never worked corporate – but I never had the exciting waiting experiences you did. Tho' I did like my little hometown, private owned restaurants – we were treated right. 🙂

  2. This seems kind of fun. Okay.. here goes.Pancake house, Cafe, chain restaurant, all night diner, the lounge where I learned to bartend, Italian place, private resort, bistro, fine dining house, another bistro and fine dining place, Irish Pub, BBQ spot that I quit after a month, a hotel restaurant, a breakfast place that I also quit after a month. The Fine dining in Virginia along with the second job I had out there to try to meet bills, and now here. Where I've done at least eight different dining rooms in the last year and a half. so, in the last eleven years I have worked in eighteen different places. But two of those were resorts the first one had at least six different jobs that I did on a regular basis and this one is more like ten. I keep thinking that I've missed something but.. I think that's my number. Now, through a good chunk of time I had two jobs at once. My average stay is a little under a year. My longest was in Highschool and it was two and a half years. My shortest was at a hotel who hired me to bartend for events. I did one wedding poured three grand worth of liquor (it was a small party) The whole thing was on a tab. They failed to add a gratuity. I decided not to go back. At the Barbecue restaurant I did my training my first night in a plate was delivered to a table that had a hair on it. I sent it back to the kitchen where they removed the hair and re-plated the food. I never went back. I have never been fired from a job. layed off twice but never fired.

  3. I had so far 10 jobs after graduating and I am in good terms with them. I chose to leave because I think it was better. I don't want to be stuck in something that I am not happy with.

  4. If we're talking just food service, not general customer service …I managed concessions stands for a little over a year; that overlapped with working at a family-owned restaurant. While working there, I worked at Perkins and Applebee's. A few years later I started working at another chain restaurant; been there for four years now. For the first three years of that I had multiple other jobs; for the last year and a half it's been my only job.

  5. I have had 7 serving jobs over 10 years. I did have other jobs in between some of the serving jobs though. The longest I have been at one place is 2 years, and I am still there.

  6. SkippyMom…as long as you were treated right that is the main thing. Doesn't really matter how many jobs…

  7. Confessions of a Waitress…your job history is varied with experience everywhere. Lots of places like me.Hard to total after a while.

  8. Baby cribs…that is my motto stay if you are happy and always leave on good terms cause you never know..

  9. Baby cribs…by the way thank you for visiting and commenting.

  10. Purplegirl…I prefer to work at one place at a time. It is simpler. Nice going.

  11. I lost track >_<

  12. LW…I think as you go through the jobs each place has it's own way so moving about later on is tougher to handle. If you like a place stick with it as long as it pays the bills and treats you right.

  13. AZ…Ha ha Ha! Some you would rather not remember eh.

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