Side Plate Removal

It is not uncommon while the guests are eating their main course during a banquet dinner to start clearing the side plates and bread baskets off the table. Now what a lot of waiters do at our place is if the guests have ate all their bread and there is none left we will move the dirty side plates and butter knives before their entree. Thus making the table nice and neat when their entrees arrive. Unless they want more bread. Now this is a la carte service we are talking about.

What do you do where you work? Clear the whole table off just leaving the cutlery that is needed for the main course with the salt and pepper , or do you leave the side plates on and clear them with everything else at the end of the meal?


  1. We leave the b&b's on the table until we clear the entrees. But, we also continue bread service through entrees..

  2. I usually ask them if they would like me to remove bread plates before their meal or remove them as i am passing out the meal to make more room. If they happen to want more bread during dinner, they are happy just using the dinner plates to set bread on anyways.AZWaitress

  3. Anonymous…you must work where I work cause that is pretty much how it goes where I am.

  4. Confessions of a Waitress…you do work in a nice spot don't you?

  5. If the side plates are empty, we will clear them. It gets clutter off the table and makes the dining room look a bit cleaner. In saying that, bread is a menu item so if people don't want to order it we will clear the plates after the order is taken when setting the appropriate cutlery.

  6. Waitersfriend….similar to ours as well.

  7. Hi boss,Of course ala carte and what I do is different, but when I managed a restaurant many years ago, I instructed my staff to continue to replenish the bread throughout the entree and remove the bread and B&B's when the entree is cleared.This was considered good service but the chef hated it 'cause we went through more bread.The hell with the chef!

  8. Banquet Manager…for sure it should be the standard to just refill the bread especially in a banquet where people are paying a lot and should get replenished. In my place they have to ask as we have to order the bread off the squirrel system and get it at the hub.

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