A Couple Examples of Stupid People Tonight

I am going over to greet the guest.

Me: Hi , welcome how are you doing tonight? Done all your Christmas shopping yet?

Guest: Blank Stare

Me: Okay just want to let you know what our feature is , I tell them….

Guest: I would like to make up my own mind and look at the menu….

Me thinking: Okay Mr. Asshole with attitude , who’s decision ultimately will it be on what you decide upon. You don’t think I am ordering the feature for myself do you? You dumb fuck! I am just letting you know…….

Another table.

Me: just clearing the table and my hands are full.

Guest: Do you have a dessert menu?

Me thinking: Yes we do. Here you take your dirty dishes out of my hands back to the dishpit and I will run and get the menues right away you fat bitch!

Or , we do but we are only allowed to give it to people we like.

Or, no we do not serve desserts here.

Sometimes I don’t know what it is about people!



  1. sounds like one of those nights. We all have them. I can tell when I need a day off when the simplest requests or dumbest questions make me crazy.

  2. Those are good ones! I laughed so hard at the "we do but we are only allowed to give it to people we like"!!!How do you like the couple that came in last week, cluttered the table with papers, and when I came to take their orders, said: "Thanks, but we'd like just to talk for a while"…? They were obviously settling a car deal and left ten minutes later. So we're obviously a conference room now!Just a quick question: You wrote you had your hands full because you just cleared the table. I thought in the US you have busboys or girls for this??Keep on writing!

  3. Confessions of a Waitress…it is just my sarcasm coming out. Without that waiting would be far too serious and I would capitulate under the silly things people say or do in a restaurant.

  4. Megaphon…imagine that a conference room! The bussers at our place just reset the table. The waiter does the work including clearing the plates during the meal. Most places are like that except for real fine dining places where the captain takes the order and starts the dinner then the busser just clears and runs the food the rest of the time. The captain just quality checks throughout and pours wine and gets drinks and presents the bill.

  5. Holy cow, did your blog get hacked? I think that's the first time I've seen you swear! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry you had "those" people last night!

  6. Purplegirl..I guess I was out of character. It won't happen again.

  7. Yeah, it better not. ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL Nah, sometimes you've just got to let it out!

  8. Purplegirl…I don't often comment on customers that much but find it amusing a bit that a lot of people like to read about people who come in each night. I will watch the language though next time. It wasn't called for.

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