Nothing Spectacular But I’ll Take It

I was an early starter tonight and had a nice 4 table section which consisted of 3 two tops and a 4 top. Joined a couple of tables together for a five one time and the rest were mainly deuces and another 4.

Thirty-one covers and a $140 later I was out of there. But the real strange thing was my start time was 4:45 and I was cut at 8:25 and out an hour later. Now that may not sound so strange but to be cut so early on a Saturday night was different.

The wait was over just after 8 and usually it would be another hour before you would see any let up in sight.

But in any case it did feel like people were going out tonight but then again it was a Saturday so what would you expect.



  1. We had the same sort of night, hit early and then everybody cleared right out. And then we got another wave at about 11:15–we close at midnight–because there was a gymnastics competition in town apparently.

  2. Purplegirl…maybe the gymnastics was a good thing or a bad thing tip wise. Kinda tough slowing down then starting up again.

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