This Week’s Quiz

It is December now and the home stretch for 2009. Here are the 5 questions for this week.

1. In English what are you doing when you “desosser”? It is a technical kitchen term and you have all done it either at home or at work.

2. Geflugelkleinsuppe is a German specialty. What is it?

3. A Madrilene soup is a double strength consomme that may be served jellied or hot. It is flavoured with Madeira , brandy , and cayenne pepper. What is it garnished with?

4. Someone walks up to you and ask for a Vodka and Tonic. Of the following which one would you not consider serving? Absolut , Smirnoff , Wyborowa , Ketel One , Bombay , Grey Goose , Finlandia , Polar Ice , or Belvedere?

5. What are the two liqueurs that go into a Monte Cristo Coffee?

How did you find this week’s quiz?


  1. 1. To debone2. Not a clue3. Lemon4. Wyborowa [just because I have never heard of it – I am guessing here 🙂 ]5. Grand Marnier and Khalua [and now I want one – heehee]

  2. Hey Steve, great to see this quiz going well. P.s well done on getting 42+ followers, we've had over 3000 hits but still lack the followers. Anyway onto more important things…1. This would be the process of 'boning out' 2. Chicken soup, but that strikes me as being too easy Steve, so what is the tease in this one. Not had the pleasure of this before.3. Dice of tomato4. Not a vodka drinker so help needed.. at a guess let's say Bombay I think that's a gin..5. Don't know but the name sound like something you could 'count' on being good…lolTill next time…

  3. Hi Waiter Extraordinaire :)1. To bone out or fillet2. I think it may be a small dumpling and chicken soup, I should know this…3. I'm guessing orange from the name4. Hmmm, Bombay seems to be the obvious choice, but I'm probably wrong again :)5. No idea whatsoever!

  4. SkippyMom…nice one.

  5. Ranting Chef…3000 hits is enormous! Good one on the quiz.

  6. Hellraiser…well done and thank you all for tuning in this week. Answers will come in about 12 hours from now.

  7. 1; debone and 2. Bombay. Yikes! on the rest 🙂 Good one WaiterExtraordinair.

  8. Sous Gal…I did okay this week. I tried to mix it up more. Good one!

  9. ::kicking herself for not reading the vodka question more closely::re answer – Bombay! [thanks guys!]

  10. SkippyMom…are you sure?

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