Background Music

I noticed the other night at work when it was really dead that the music was really loud. Not only that , the music we are playing is like 70’s , 80’s , 90’s , up to the present top 40 stuff. Not exactly any music with rhyme or reason to it. Kokomo by the Beach Boys after a listen or two loses it at least for me if I am dining out.

For the customer this is not so good especially if they have to talk over the music , and to boot if they are listening to a song that they have disliked over the years. Now if it is only playing low in the background they will miss it amidst the chatter at the table , and if there is a pause in the talk , at least it will only be a soft sound rather than a forgotten singer from the 80’s bellowing out a tune causing people to wince at the table.

Let’s be clear , background music unless you are at a concert , should just be that and not detract from the meal experience. If you have to speak louder than you are used to , the music is too loud and the place is too noisy. Both do not make for an enjoyable dining experience.

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  1. I can totally beat you on the music score. I have a piano player who LOVES showtunes. Every single night I listen to CATS, The Sound of Music, well.. everything Rodgers and Hammerstein. And ofcourse Phantom of The Opera. I did like it the first time I saw it. But, if I hear Music of the Night one more time i'm going to shoot myself.

  2. Confessions of a Waitress…although I have to say that is some pretty nice music and live to boot. But the repetition is the same and that is aggravating. I can now tell what kind of clientele you serve. Higher end for sure.

  3. Since I work at a sports bar, we mostly have TV noise. I can understand it being loud if there is a game on that many people want to listen to, but most of the time the TV's are screaming at us for no reason. I always go turn down the volume, but the managers must be hard of hearing because they turn it back up. It's not fun to have to shout at customers or dining companions.

  4. LW…these managers like to have it loud and I am not sure why. Even watching a sporting event all you need is the picture really.

  5. I used to work in an Italian restaurant that had live music every night. The name of the restaurant was Volare and I swear I must have heard the song Volare about ten times every night – always accompanied by some drunk old idiot dancing. I'm sure that restaurant turned me a little bit Italian – it definitely put a few more hairs on my chest! Of course the customer was oblivious to our pain because they would play it every hour or so, which meant most of them only heard it once or maybe twice in a night!

  6. Waitersfriend…yea that is the thing we hear the song over and over again while the guest may hear it at the most twice. Ha

  7. On Sunday afternoons, one manager will turn our Sirus station to 80s music. We servers adore it, and always think the guests will appreciate it. Though the music is low, people leave more bad comments about the music than on the normal, "pop" days. I thought everyone was cheered by 80s music… but I believe it's that everyone has a strong opinion one way or another about 80s music!

  8. Last winter my night was accompanied by a three piece band. Which I loved!! But around here they hire Carolers for the Two weeks before Christmas. Try having a dozen people surrounding your dining room singing Carol of The bells twice a night. People loved it. But you can't move, can't serve anybody. To make matters worse we had table side service, which you needed SPACE for. Not that the carolers cared. For me the best part was New Years when the Carolers went away and I no longer had performers in my way.. But repitious music is one of the many aspects to restaurant life that we don't think about much. Until we've heard one particular song six or seven times a night. Every night. Forever.

  9. A Nova Server…for some reason and I don't know why 80's music I have very little recollection of. But to have that strong opinion by the guests seems a bit exagerrated if you ask me. Ha

  10. Confessions of a Waitress…now carolers in a restaurant sounds like a cool idea until what you describe as taking up all your space and with tableside service as well going on. Must have been quite the Christmas atmosphere though.

  11. Yeah. It was cool. I wouldn't really have changed it. But, check back with me in a couple of weeks when they start up again. I just remember being soo incredibly in the weeds and not being able to work, or move or navigate. I just wanted them to be able to walk through them at times. And ofcourse be able to take an order without waiting for Silver bells to end.

  12. Confessions of a Waitress…I bet. I will hum a few bars for you. Silver Bells , Silver Bells , It's Christmas time in the city , Ring a ling..okay that's enough. Just in case you

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