Christmas Party

Well our windows are getting replaced today so I am off this computer shortly but here is a question for you.

We are having our Christmas party as a big buffet before we start work at 5 that evening on the 20th. It is a family thing with Santa there and everything. My wife however always has hers’ after Christmas.

I prefer it before Christmas no matter how busy it is.

Assuming your employer holds a party for Christmas do you prefer it after the rush in January or in December when the holiday spirit is still around us?



  1. When Christmas is over, I am over Christmas. Gotta have it before!_Laine

  2. Laine and Alex…I totally agree with you on that one. January is just anti-climatic.

  3. Glad to get the time for one. So really don't mind. Do enjoy your's Steve you have worked hard for it.

  4. Ranting Chef…I think we all deserve one for sure this time of year. Ours' takes place during the day so I asked for the evening off. I hope I can get it. I do enjoy it a lot. We will bring the kids and Santa will be there.

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