So Where is the Rush This Year?

I am sure it is going to happen but when? Last night I had 5 women sit in my section for close to 3 hours which didn’t help things but what the heck after 8:30 no one was coming in anyway. I did a measly 17 covers and walked out of there with $82.

So I got home and checked last November and what a whopping difference. At the current rate at which I am making money this month it looks like I will be down about $700 and my wife another 3-$400 compared to last year at this time. A big difference when you consider this is supposed to be a busy time of year and with Christmas coming…….

You know like I mentioned a few posts ago about the average joe out there having less money , it was on the news the other day that there was an increase of 46% bankruptcies over last year this time. But there was only a 1.6% increase in business bankruptcies , the rest were personal.

Bingo there is the problem and I do not think it is getting better anytime soon. Throw in the fact that most people don’t want to go out for fear someone will cough in their face and they will get the flu. It is like a double whammy.

You know if we want to cater to 95% of the masses and make a relatively good income from waitering in the future we will have to serve a 100 people a day. Just hang up our diplomas , certificates and degrees and start thinking of working in the soup and sandwich places. Forget the high end a la carte and fine dining places.

Will that be a BLT with the soup of the day and a coffee? Get them in and out in 15-25 minutes so they can get to their second job by 1pm. Then catch them for their burger and salad at 7PM before they head to their third job at 8.

Hey don’t laugh , with prices going up , income going down , people retiring , there will be lots of low paying jobs out there for everyone to choose from. Soon the majority will have to work at many jobs just to make enough to get by or have a bit extra.

The people who have been living way beyond their means will have to cut back and that will not be easy. Marriages will crumble , society will become less empathetic , more grab and take without any thought for their fellow person. Children will be sent out to work earlier cause the family needs the money or they will just move out and forgo school.

Oh yeah fun times ahead! Let’s see what December brings. I say the rush doesn’t begin till December 10th this year and it will die again the 22nd when everyone heads off in different directions or the small office party takes place.

What do you think?



  1. I think you sound like the voice of doom Waiter 🙂 – let's give it a chance – perhaps the closer we get to Christmas the better it will be.I am very sorry it is so rough, but I am hoping for a turn around on you behalf – but marriages crumbling? C'mon it isn't that dire.Stop watching/reading the news. 🙂

  2. SkippyMom..sorry I sound so dire and our situation is not anywhere near extreme as others It is not like we are not paying our bills but the facts are the facts. Business is down , people are losing hope out there , people are broke , unemployment is up , people losing their homes , hysteria over the flu , etc etc. I am not a doomsayer but just speaking on what is going on out there. We are fine just making less but what goes on out there affects us all in some way either financially or emotionally so we cannot ignore some realities taking place out there. People are hurtin' Besides I was pretty positive when I said there would be a lot of low paying jobs for everyone to choose from in the Take care

  3. They have said that the flu rate has dropped dramatically – so there is a bit of good news – although they mention it may peak again in January, but who cares, that is slow season anyway. 🙂

  4. SkippyMom…I think the flu thing got blown right out of proportion. Not to say people didn't get sick by it but the way it was being fed to the public it is like if you don't get this flu shot be ready for anything to occur. It is all too much. People are paying a lot by debit I noticed which means they are watching their pennies and not sure of the future. People maybe are starting to live within their means finally,

  5. Hey, so sorry things look so dark for you…! It's not yet like that in Europe (but heading into that direction). I wonder, if people don't want to leave the house because of the flu, whether food delivery services experience a boost? Otherwise you'd know it's not the swine flu at all but economy only.

  6. I haven't said much about this because the restaurant that I work in has been the exception to the rule. We had our typical poor summer (which always happens) but, because of our particular location, we've been the beneficiary of a lot of events that have happened in our area. We've been very busy for the last month (we're probably up from last year). In fact, because of a buyout, we even had a %50,000 plus night on a Monday (talk about beating last year's numbers).Personally, I haven't seen much dip in per person average except that our restaurant has been more aggressive with special prices on packaged dinners, and a lot of people are taking advantage of those. People are still buying some big wines and getting appetizers, etc. And the restaurant's average of around $78 per head is about what it has been for a while, even with the special dinner packages.So there are glimmers of hope here and there, but you can't draw too much of a conclusion based on our confluence of special events that have swirled around our location.Our restaurant is an example of the benefits of having a very strong and loyal base of regulars (which we aggressively cultivate) -something like 45% of our business is repeat business and we see many people 3-4 times a week. I think that the industry average is something like half that.

  7. Megaphon…I think it is a bit of both. It is not all doom and gloom but I think the average person out there doesn't have much money and will not for the forseeable future.

  8. Teleburst…that is a nice spot you are in. You are serving people that don't seem to be affected by any recession. Your average check is $78 per head and mine they look for $36. Although we did about 500 people last night what I make is dependent on volume. I guess to make the same as you do I have to do twice the people. On another note a new restaurant opened nearby which is popular right now so they say that might be adding to the downturn. Not sure if an area of half a million population would all of a sudden sway toward one restaurant over another.Even if the other is busy we should still get our usual share. This weekend over Friday and Saturday made $150 less than last weekend so it was kind of bizarre. The weekdays have been very slow up to now. I guess I will pick up an extra shift this week hopefully. I can think of others in a worse position.

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