6 More Quizzes to Go in 2009

Okay here is the 6th to last as I am not going to do one on New Year’s Eve. No way and we will all be working anyway , right? Speaking of waiters and bartenders of course and the kitchen brigade.

1. When you hear of Jews’s-ear fungus , what type of food are we talking about? It is black and the shape of an ear lobe.

2. What is the name of the liqueur made with the flavouring of caraway seeds? I think I did this one before.

3. The appellation Gaillac is situated in the southwestern part of France. What is the most common white wine grape found in this wine department?

4. For you chefs out there give me the name of the basic brown sauce which is used as the base for other brown sauces?

5. Portugal is known for it’s port of course but what part of the bottling process has it been known to supply for a great many years and is now currently threatened by further advances in wine bottling?


  1. You bet we will be working, getting our butts kicked from all angles!!Normally a huge night.So onto the task…1. I will go for mushroom. Could it be the same as wood ear mushroom!!2. Akavit, I think that's how you spell it, but could be wrong.3. help..4. Equal parts of estofade and espagnol reduced together to make demi glace. That is the basic brown sauce. A dying art these days and one not so often used, due to the flour content. ( sorry for the blabber)5. At a guess the cork!Ok that's it for another day, off to catch some sleep before another day at the office.

  2. Hi Waiter Extraordinaire, first time on the quiz, here goes!1. Mushrooms.2. I tasted it, but can't remember the name.3. No idea.4. Old school Demi-Glace, new school Jus.5. Corking. Providing the cork.

  3. Hellraiser…great job for the first time! Welcome to the quiz and hope you can try again next week.

  4. Ranting chef…you are very consistent at participating on the quizzes. Thank you for that! You and hellraiser I may get in trouble for question 4 but I was just looking for espagnole. Is that okay with you guys? you know the mother sauce..

  5. 1, Mushroom3. chardonnay?4. demi glace? 5. corks?I think espagnole is a traditional red sauce? There is also now some controversy in culinary circles about the other mother sauce; hollandaise.

  6. I make my demi glace using equal parts of veal stock and a mire poix meat stock. Strain and Reduce both to half, then combine, reduce again, add espagnole – red sauce, reduce by half again.But then…thats just me πŸ™‚

  7. Sous Gal…very good but you know I am going to stick with Espagnole being a brown sauce. But the way you make it sounds bang on.But then ranting chef is right too so maybe I should just watch out what I put in next week.lol By the way I get these questions out of Larousse Gastronomique. Now that I have given that away I will have to put that book down for a bit.

  8. Oh I LOVE my Larousse! πŸ™‚

  9. Sous Gal…it is the best!

  10. Aw man, i just left a comment on Espagnole and the mother sauces….I have no desire to rebuild it.I was a bit surprised that my culinary friends are not more familiar with Espagnole!I don't think it is used so much in fine dining; maybe thats why.I used it a lot in banquets. Even so, a true Demi-Glace is 50% Espagnole, hence the name Demi.

  11. Bulletholes…I kinda thought it would have been automatic for Espagnole but alas I guess I was wrong.

  12. My Larousse is my bible in the kitchen and I never question it BUT πŸ™‚ My understanding is that espangnol is a component of the mother sauce, as a roux is a component of bechamel. As a young chef I only used demi-glace as the mother for all brown sauce derivitives. I need to check my bible though, I have been known to be wrong, 1992 I think it was! πŸ™‚

  13. Hellraiser…check out the Larousse cause I got it as a basic brown sauce that serves as a derivative to other sauces.But anyway I am staying away from anything resembling a mother sauce again.Ha

  14. Hi WE, I wrote the comment before going to work, where the Larousse lives! When I checked it it says as you did, basic brown sauce. Our Exec Sous gave the answer as espagnol. I'm not disagreeing on the fact it's a basic brown sauce, I've just never heard it being called a Mother sauce before, like Ranting Chef, I still stick to demi as the Mother. Anyway, debate is healthy and it's made us all re-check the books, which is always a good thing, and I'm never ashamed to learn something new! Good question, give us Chefs some more like that πŸ™‚

  15. OH…. and I'm not trying to be an arse here, buuuuuttttt….. (and remember I'm now at home, Larousse is still at work) isn't demi-glace 50% espagnol and 50% estouffade reduced by half, hence the name Demi? When Demi is reduced by half again it then becomes a Glace? Sorry Bulletholes, I'm finding this topic and how other Chefs like yourself see it, very interesting and informative, peace to all HR

  16. Hellraiser…you are right about having a debate over espagnole. But what is way cool is Bulletholes is in the USA , you are in Australia , and I am in Canada.Think about how cool that is.

  17. Hellraiser…I will do my best. Turns out that question started a healthy debate which is always good.Cheers

  18. I burned my cookbooks long ago, but if you look at Wiki, it will credit Careme with the four mother sauces, and Escoffier expanded on them later. I was an Escoffier type of guy. His description of "Braise" brings a tear to my eye.Demi can't be the Mother because you need Espagnole to make the Demi. You probably wouldn't use Demi on a meatloaf or in a Bordelaise, just a nice Brown sauce would serve.I'm many years out of the kitchen, though and never went to Chef school.I think that why my friends here are not so familiar with the Basic Brown is that they are doing a lot of Fine Dining work, and we always used Demi as a "Mother Sauce" on the line in fine dining.

  19. Bulletholes…this question has legs. Thank everyone for their input. This is the most successful quiz yet!

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