The Weekly Quiz

It is Thursday already. This week just flew by. I will post the answers in 24 hours instead of tonight to give all the world a chance to post their answers. Ha. Good luck!

1. A Scotch Broth soup is nearly always prepared with this type of grain? What is it?

2. Sobressada is a charcuterie specialty which consists of a fat stuffing with small pieces of meat inside of it in all within an unsmoked spreading sausage. It is highly seasoned and coloured with sweet pepper. What country is this charcuterie found and protected so no imitations can be made?

3. Give me the name of an Indian cheese made from buffaloes’ milk that takes it’s name from the town in which it is manufactured?

4. The original name give to this spirit by the natives of the French West Indies is Tafia? What spirit are we speaking of?

5. Oolong is what kind of beverage that comes from Taiwan?

Don’t forget this is for your entertainment only and there are no winners or losers. Don’t take this too seriously folks.

Tonight I will post my first assignment on my writing course where I have to describe someone I knew or know. It is story that has to be descriptive and interesting. You can read it later and tell me if you thought the story kept your interest at all.

Have a good day everyone.


  1. I added all the leftover meats from Sunday brunch to a Scotch Broth and renamed it after a super hero. It was famous and its own food group.Italy? I've haD THIS SAUSAGE.Chesachukawotickatuckum Flats. Sharp flowery hues with a nice crumble. Goes well with Beaver.Brass Monkey. Thats why I wear these glasses.Oolong Beaverage, Taiwanese Adult film star.I know you been missin' me.

  2. Bulletholes…Awesome! Hey Chefffee!!

  3. 1. Barley. No idea, but that is what they stuff in haggis, right?2. Ur, Corsica (France)?3. I've had that cheese! No clue on the name, however.4. If it is from the West Indies, it has to be rum.5. TEA.Please say that I got one of these right!

  4. Liz…Yes you did!! Good playing.

  5. only just made it. Had a hectic night..1. Barley2. Would have to say Italy3. help4. How about Rum5. Oolong is a teaok so that's it now back to work see ya..

  6. Ranting Chef…nice one. Don't work too hard. Have a good night!

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