You Sir Are a Wimp!

You know there is one thing that I do not like and that is when there is a guy and a girl sitting at a table and the guy is listening to the girl letting her tell him what he should eat. She begins by asking him do you want this or this or would you like that or maybe you don’t like that , oh you like this though and it goes on and on and on…

All he says is yeah sure do you want that too? I don’t care I will take that or this it doesn’t matter I am fine with that.

So tonight that happens and the guy says he wants a steak pointing at the steak that comes with a salad. I say to him do you want the salad and he says no I don’t want a salad and so I order him the same steak that doesn’t come with the salad. The girl ask are you sure you do not want a salad and he says no I don’t want a salad.

They get their meal and the girl calls me over and ask does it come with a salad and I say but he didn’t want a salad and she says to him do you want a salad and he says well and I say but I asked you if you wanted a salad and he says I know but the girl says yeah but you want a salad and he says okay I will have the salad.

I say no worries I will get you a salad asshole.

Buddy become a man one day , remove the soother , and start zipping up your pants in the front instead of the back you big wuss!! Begin in life by ordering the food you want and not what your girl thinks you should eat. It is your appetite.

By the way she paid.. No surprise there.


  1. I suspect, being as he has no balls, and she did all the work and they were both idiots, your tip suffered to? Nothing worse than a feminazi tipper who thinks 10% is more than enough for anyone to make a living on.

  2. Ooooooh, Waiter Extraordinaire, I thought you were about to launch into a "Hellraiser-esque" rampage there, you must have better brakes than me!!

  3. Hellraiser…I always keep my cool of course but these wimps out there well…I will leave it at that.

  4. Dietrich Duke…Hi how are you doing? Yea the tip..she filled out the credit card slip and when she saw me gave me $10 on a $92 bill. Not enough I am afraid..But then again I wasn't expecting much at this point.

  5. I agree, this is soooo annoying! I did a post that touched on this ( ) and I think lots of times it's even worse if you happen to be a female server,because they are trying to minimize all interaction with their man.

  6. The Veteran Server…I remember reading that post you did. That was a good one and yes this is the same idea. Annoying annoying isn't it?

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