Stay Home and Be Grumpy!

A couple of days ago I did a post on the guest’s state of mind and how depending on how they come in will determine what kind of meal they will have and tip you receive.

Well I get this couple last night and right away as they order their steak she says I want it medium rare and not blue. I say it should come out medium rare if that is the way you want it and I go and describe how medium rare should look like. She says yeah but I have had mine blue here plenty of times. Okay well…

The guy orders his and gets his Bloody Caesar cocktail and after a sip says this doesn’t taste right. I know it taste like the others cause I just served a couple not a couple of minutes ago. The juice is fine. So now he wants a rye and coke. Fine and we delete the caesar.

The steak comes out and his steak is cooked just as he wants it but it is tough. Hers’ thankfully was fine.

I figure may as well get the floor walker over to talk with them and after we buy him the steak. They leave me a $7 tip.

With some people you can’t win , all you can do is just pass it on to the floor walker and let them handle it. I don’t get involved anymore. They want something free , fine.

Why do people go out if they just expect the worst before eating anything. Stay home and be grumpy!



  1. They'ed rather pass their grumpy to others like you and me. Take care buddy.

  2. Banquet Manager…wild isn't it? Take care as well. I guess we gotta get ready for Christmas parties soon..Blurgghh

  3. I've seen this too many times! In a hotel situation, the customer could have recieved bad care from Front Desk,(stuffed up room res etc) they may have just been stuck in traffic, or even had their flights delayed. Before they even come through the restaurant door, you know that you could serve their meals on the back of a recently whipped staff member, or air traffic controller, and they still wouldn't be happy!! F.R.O. I say…. 🙂

  4. Hellraiser…ha ha so true and they expect us to solve their little life woes!

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