Why I Always Want to Work at Fullspeed

You know some people during service have to have their chit chat or their smoke break instead of moving that table of theirs’ along so that they will get up and leave eventually.

There always is something you can do like clear the empty glass , get the person another drink , clear the plates , refill the coffees , help run food , start side jobs , etc. But having that break is not something I can do and you know why? Cause there has always been this motto getting in the way of taking a full scale laid back attitude and that is this thought.

When I go into work I think how can I get these people out as quick as I can so I can go home!


  1. haha, I feel you on that! The more tables you get the more money you get, thats why we do this! Thanks for all the love on my site!

  2. Blair…you are beautiful! I am checking this out right now.

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