The Big Difference Between Serving Average Joes to High Falutin’ Fine Dining Stuffy People

Tonight I am back to work after a couple days off. If I was going back to an ultra fine dining place I would have to make sure that I was ready to deal with high classy friends of the owner , special requests out of the kitchen , the owner reiterating the fact that I must really take good care of these people then he later would turn around comp everything anyway. Tables will come in and sit for 2 1/2 hours then sometimes in some places the owner sits down and chats with them and buys a round while you just stand around waiting to go home. You are tired cause you had to get up early this morning early to get the kids to school and you just want to get out of there.

But what is nice where I work is I could go 10 days without sleep and my first table will be Joe Schmoe with his wife and two kids who has just had as tiring a day and just wants to eat and get out. Or a kid and his girlfriend. You can crack a joke like the other night two guys order a Bud so I bring it to their table and I say you guys must be real buddies. They go what do you mean and I say well you ordered two Buds! I know that the only thing that will be on anyone’s mind tonight is who won the football pool this week and what will we pick next week. It will be the jokes being bandied about amongst the staff. No pressure , just take the order make sure everything is okay and collect your money and go home. That is it! Really what waitering should be about , pure and simple without all the frills. Like the place in the Rockies where I worked where there was nothing but tourists. You could have thrown their eggs at them and they wouldn’t have cared.

After all these years I can just simply wait on tables again without all the other baloney. The way it was meant to be. Sauce on the side is about as big a request I get from anyone. Simple stuff.



  1. I always hate the line, "Take care of them, they are VIP's". I thought EVERYONE was a VIP.Guess not…

  2. Banquet Manager…Oh yeah how true. VIP my ass. Just friends of the owner who bleed the place dry.

  3. You tell it like it is! I cannot help but think of you and your fellow restaurant bloggers each and every time I sit down for a restaurant meal. See there, one attitude changed and, hoopefully, more to come. I am a good customer now. Keep 'em coming!

  4. Yes, the concept of fine dining, VIPS, and so forth really makes you ask questions about people in general.At what point when people become successful or wealthy do they forget what it is like to be nice and normal?

  5. Belle…Glad you are enjoying the blogs and getting some insight into the waitering aspect to it. Telling it like it is is what it is all about.

  6. James…oh isn't that the truth!

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