A Never Explained Method of Upselling That May Come in Handy Sometime

I work in a steakhouse with different size steaks so I often get a question like this one.

Question : What is the difference between an 8 oz sirloin and a 12 oz sirloin?

My Reply : 4 oz.

Their reply back : Yes okay but is it this big , making a C shape with their forefinger and thumb.

My Reply : Yes about that , making another C shape with my forefinger and thumb.

Their final reply : Ah maybe I will stick with the 8 oz sirloin……

You see the reason I didn’t sell them the 12 oz is I have very large hands so my 12 oz looks bigger than their C shape formation. So always remember if the person looks small in stature always try to make the shape you make smaller than normal and if it is a hefty big person make the shape a bit bigger. This way you can always up sell to the larger steak.

For larger steaks like the strip loin use two hands and apply the same methodology.

I hope this helps anyone out there when it comes to up selling to a larger size steak or whatever it is that comes in a bigger portion.

This tip is brought to you by largehands inc. a subsidiary of waiterextraordinaire.

I wish you all a good day.



  1. That's funny!! Lol! Sounds like it has a good practical application too.

  2. The Veteran Server…It true enough though since most people only can compare visually , forget about the size difference in weight. ha

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