I Think He is Bullshitting , What Do You Think?

This waiter comes up to a few of us after doing his cash out tonight and he says he made $340 and that was after tipping out $71. That means he made $411 in tips on just a little over $1400 in sales. That means about 30% in tips.

First of all there is no way he tips out $71 on his gross sales when you add the taxes on to the $1400. Maybe about $1700 gross and a tip out of about $51 , not $71 and if that is not right then for sure he is telling a big doozy as far as his $340 in tips.

I made $156 fair and square. He might have made more based on his sales , but $340 c’mon give me a break!

I apparently wasn’t the only non-believer tonight listening to this one.



  1. Actually, that's 24% pre-tipout, right?I always take comments from servers about what they make with a grain of salt. I don't know what percentage you tipout so I can't comment on that. It does seem a little high, but it's not impossible, I suppose, especially if he had a big table that was extra generous.I know that I regularly average about 22 – 24% but that's usually on the gross, not the net. I have had a couple of nights where I averaged what this server averaged but it's very rare. I once got $400on a $550 check from a guy dressed up as Elvis Presley on his way to Graceland for the Elvis birthday celebration (it was last year actually). So it's not impossible, but it might just be just typical waiter bragdadoccio. And last week, I averaged over 25% on sales of something like $2000 pretax, but it was just a confluence of regulars and generous people.

  2. Teleburst…we calculate the tip in these parts on the pre tax not on the gross. No one likes to tip on the government take. When our provincial and federal tax added up to 15% people would use that amount and tip. Now when the tax went down to 13% ,initially the tip percentages went down for a while.Pre tip out it was $340 plus $71 which makes $411 total. That on $1400 is 29.4% , right? Yeah he has told some big fish stories before.

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