A Study Tip

It was not a busy night but I had a few good tables that left me a good tip. I ended up walking out with $127 after tipping out $27 so that on $862 in sales I was quite pleased with. All the people were pleasant so anything else to comment on about last night I would just be digging for a needle in the haystack.

One thing I would like to mention is a study tip for anyone out there who has to prepare for exams , or a review like I am on the drink tent card recipes that will be taking place shortly at work. I used it effectively while studying for my sommelier diploma a few years back.

Buy a tape recorder and record the notes you have to study on it so while you are driving the car to your destination play it back and listen to your notes. Have earphones on if you take public transit so you can hear yourself narrate your study notes. Try to repeat back quickly what you are listening to.

I find this extremely helpful because with a busy household where there can be multiple interruptions sometimes it is hard to get that quiet time to study. The half hour drive to work allows me to concentrate on my driving and listen to the tape recorder. No music , no news , just study while you are in the car.

Try it. I find the repetition of listening to the tape reinforces what I am trying to remember.



  1. super good tip. I've done that with work stuff, but I wish I would have done it when I was learning wine and food pairing back in the day. Make it a great weekend.

  2. Brendon…welcome and thank you for the comment. I will make it a great weekend and you too!

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