Where Do I Go From Here?

It has occurred to me from time to time that as a waiter when you get older in this business there are fewer and fewer places to choose from to work.

Not that I am unhappy where I am , in fact the opposite is true , I am very happy. But with the fine dining business slowly dying at least in this neck of the woods and the growth of theme restaurants with glitzy waitresses and young single hearty men working the floor there appears to be very little choice if I ever had to move on.

But having been a waiter for quite a while now with apparently no other real skills developed over the last 30 years to fall back on , what else different would I do where I could make the same money?

So what would you do if you were me and had to do something else at the age of 50? What do you suggest are fields in which I could try with very little experience that would be easy to catch on quickly with a course or two?

All suggestions will be welcome.



  1. Maitre'd. Teach!. Bartend someplace fancy and expensive 🙂 Buy a share in a bar. Event Coordinator. You could ace any of these, and more, I have NO doubt. BTW. I'm 51 🙂

  2. Sous Gal…I was thinking something else outside of my field. I have taught the bartending but I cannot do it full time or it would be a cut in pay. To manage would be a cut in household income. I don't want to own. To be honest I would rather do something totally different and just wait on tables Friday and Saturday nights.

  3. Now I don't want you think that I'm trying to promote some fly by night scam but this has worked very well for us. I started looking for something to do when I retired and checked out a lot of different possibilities before signing up as an Independent Associate with Watkins. We use a combination of using the products ourselves, selling to a few friends and neighbors and building a team under us. We are doing well and it looks like I will never have to touch any of my pension funds. Start with our web site at http://www.MurrayDewing.com and let me know what you think.

  4. A Watkins Man…I will check it out. Watkins has been around a long time.

  5. While it's still in your field, you might think about becoming a liquor rep. Of course, it would mean doing that "full-time" or at least having to stop waiting tables.

  6. Teleburst…I have thought of that but being a one car family probably means my wife would have to quit her job then we would lose her income so money wise it would hurt. I was thinking more out of the home.

  7. It is never to late to reinvent yourself! I changed careers 7 1/2 years ago from retail to web services when I was…well…older:) Don't underestimate the skills you have acquired. I think they would translate well into any type of sales field. There are at home opportunities out there, or flexible schedules. Do what makes you happy.

  8. Laine and Alex…I like to write. I could do that from home and wait a couple nights a week.

  9. You absolutely have a book in you as well as some advice products! There are a ton of great entrepreneurial leaders on the web, and I'd be so happy to suggest a few. They are the reason I'm about to publish my first book! On my neighborhood pub at that. Please say hello, I enjoy your blog and I'd like to introduce you to my book buyers http://www.loveatthepub.com. Cheers!

  10. MaryJaneBrain…hello and thanks. Will check out your site and send an email when I do. Glad you enjoy the blog.

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