On Top Of My Game

On Wednesday night it was pretty dead but I did get 5 tables. Now you know when it is slow like that you gotta make every table count.

Well my totals for the night were $881 net sales on 19 covers. Not especially a lot but I walked out with $132 after tipping out $28. I had a 7 top that left me $50 and upon leaving one of the women said I left you a bit more on the table. That was another tenner.

Then I had a 6 top of which some were from Minneapolis and Ireland and they left me $66. They even called me over when I was filling my salt and peppers and mentioned what a professional waiter I was. They said everything was beautiful and especially my timing when it came to facilitating the flow of the meal , filling drinks , pouring wine etc. Arriving at the right moment.

So far this week I have to say while some others are complaining where I work about making little , I seem to be raking it in.

You know when it is slow a lot of people let their service standards slip. They go for a smoke , chat , think about getting cut and heading home. One waiter traded up so he could get out earlier cause he said it would be a waste of time to serve only a few tables. Well I served only a few and look what I walked out with. I wasn’t even there four hours.

I need to make a living doing this waiter thing so I got my game face on all the time. It pays off. My wife is the same. Last month was our second best month of the year after May. We just got to keep it going.

We still have the busy season ahead of us and I am psyched. Bring on the people.

I am ready. Are you?


  1. $126.00 off of two tables? That is some sweet money. Wow.Keep up the great work.

  2. SkippyMom..I will and what was nice about was the complimentary table called work today to compliment me to the boss on my service. Great stuff!

  3. I know what you mean, when you're on your game it seems like people just want to hand you money, but most people still believe in great tips for great service, and I thank God for that!

  4. The Veteran Server…it all happens with great service.That is for sure.

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