The Why Is More Important Than The How

On my days off like today I like to think about why I go to work. Serving people for gratuities is how I choose to earn income but the most important thing is knowing why.

Because if you have no why the work becomes unrewarding and abysmal. Someone once said you can do and put up with anything if you have a strong enough reason to do so. There is always some crap that you have to put up with wherever you are but it has to be compensated for a stronger reason to work there.

I suppose as a waiter I just have to look at my two kids to have a strong enough why. I think as parents we have more plans for our kids than we do for ourselves. For purchases a new washer and dryer is on the list in the near future. Beyond that there is Christmas , birthdays , holidays etc. There is enough reasons to work.

What is your reason or reasons for going to work in your profession? Other than hopefully enjoying your work what is your why for doing it? What purpose will you use your money for?

I’d be interested to know…


  1. I can only speak on behalf of Pooldad since I am a SAHM [and I love my job ;)] but after 32 years in the same business I can honestly say he still loves what he does. The money has never been spectacular, but it has allowed us to be one income for many years and that works for us.As long as he is happy and looks forward to going to work then that is okay by me [and him, I am sure :)]

  2. Hmmmm…. money, I guess. Oh, and money. Of course paying the rent is another good reason. wait, that's money, too, right?And on further thought I need to have my freedom. I'm an almost-starving-waitress-slash-artist-slash-part-time-student. And of course I could get a "better" job. But I just like that its not a very demanding job which I could quit anytime I like to do sth else. Sometimes at work I put on a song, Immediate Circle by Catatonia, a welsh band, which goes like:"I'm gonna change my immediate circle of friends – I'm gonna run away and join the circus, oh yes…!"And I could do that. That's why.

  3. SkippyMom…being happy and earning enough is about all you need in life. 32 years says it all!Good stuff.

  4. Megaphon…the hours work for me too as it allows me to ask for a day off when I need one. The freedom to pick up and leave for another job gives one a sense of choice as well. I am with you on that one for sure.

  5. I guess my reason is the same as many others; I am a full time student. But on a larger scale, I live alone and support myself so I need a job that pays the bills. My biggest reason is I am good at my job. I think it's important to do what you are good at. It's easier to like your job when you're good at it too.

  6. LW..Do you think for as long as you have been working in the business you might end up staying in it longer? Cause you are good and it is easy and the money isn't bad.

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