It is Thursday’s Quiz

Another week has flown by and the only thing I can say about my night at work tonight is I didn’t make much money but some older woman said I looked like Leonard Cohen. That was a first for me and my wife wholeheartedly disagrees with that. I wonder what Leonard looked like when he was 50?

Okay here is the quiz.

1. What is the strong aniseed -flavoured drink from the south of France that is similar to the famous Pernod in the north?

2. What is the french word for blackberry?

3. Now for meats such as a game it is best to hang it for a period to improve it’s quality. What is the French word for this process. If hang is the word in English what is the word in French.

4. When we talk of climates with regards to wine there is big , small and smaller. Amongst the three what is the smallest? A mesoclimate , macroclimate , or a microclimate?

5. A piéce is an oak barrel holding 228 litres. What traditional wine growing area of the world would you find this barrel?

Now this quiz is over for this week but I am sure some were easier than others. Good luck!



  1. Okay, I live in France, so should be able to answer some of these without google!1. Ricard probably the most common brand name for pastis, the liquor you are describing. I never heard it called Pernod "in the North" though. It is either Pernod, Ricard, or another brand name-whatever is on offer. If I am not mistaken pastis is from Marsailles, so it is all from the south!2. Mûre. Mûrir means to ripen, so I wonder if the word for blackberry comes from "ripened raspberry", kind of like in English.3. Um…hung is "pendu", but that doesn't sound right for a kitchen…more like you are hanging the chef!4. Microclimate.5. I am gonna go with Bordeaux, but that is a shot in the dark.Salut!

  2. Liz…you did good. Obviously I cannot give the answers before they are posted. They say Pernod originated in the North but hey you live in France so who am I to disagree! Pastis is the answer anyway but they are all brand names like you say. Maybe could have come up with a better question than that.

  3. Pastis from the north? Well, anything's possible! Pastis is considered a southern drink here. We do drink it in the north, but only in summer after a lot of sport, when you are totally overheated. It is served with a bowl of ice and a pitcher of water and is very refreshing.Really, pastis originating from the north is like hot toddies being invented in Greece!But YOU are the waiter, and I am just a tourist. 🙂

  4. Liz…no no Pernod from the north. Pastis from the south.

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