I Worked Hard For About 15 Minutes Tonight

Tonight I went in at 6:30 and ran some food till I finally got a table very close to 7:00. It was a family of 4 who were celebrating their anniversary. Easy enough.

Then I got sat a table of 4 businessmen which looked pretty good. After that a 3 and then a 7 top with young kids with parents all about the same time. It took about 15 minutes between taking their drink orders and food order and getting their mains on the table. After that 15 minutes the rush was over.

Everyone was happy and for the rest of the night had a table of 4 then a 2 top and that was it.

Five tables and I walked out of there with a $103 in my pocket at 10:25. Not bad for 4 freakin’ hours.

Another nice start to the week on a relatively slow Tuesday night.


  1. Not too shabby Waiter 😉 – sometimes you need a night like that, eh?

  2. SkippyMom..yes it has been slowing quickly during weekdays at about 8:30.

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