Customer Comment Cards

Just a thought but I think every table we serve should have a customer comment card given to them upon presentation of the bill for a number of reasons

1. It encourages instant feedback.

2. It may explain why the tip is small.

3. It well show the employer just how good a job you are doing since a lot of the time they are not around when the compliment comes from a satisfied guest.

4. It can negate later on the email that head office gets that complains about something that could have been fixed at the time if only someone knew about it.

5. If a address or email is on the comment card the guest can be notified of any upcoming events or features that the restaurant may be planning. Also birthdays can be noted so that when the time comes send an email or make a phone call reminding them of celebrating their birthday at your establishment. This method of creating a data base to follow up on can ensure business will keep coming even during slow times.

6. It is a proactive way of contacting a guest should they have left a bad comment rather than never seeing that guest again and wondering what happened.

7. A customer comment card gives management essential feedback helping them identify some part of the service that needs improvement from the host to the kitchen to the server to the bartender. Atmosphere as well. Music too loud or air conditioning too cool , whatever.

These are some of my reasons why I think every establishment should be ready to hand out comment cards with a pen upon presentation of the bill.

Any other points you may like to add to that?



  1. I don't know that comment cards would be that great of an idea. In my experience with other feedback services, I've found that people tend to utilize them more often if there's a problem than if everything was great. A lot of people don't use them at all.I guess that could still be valuable, but corporate places often take things out of context. A server with a hundred satisfied customers that don't leave comments and five unsatisfied customers who do might get in an inordinate amount of trouble.Also, I hate it when places contact me to come back. There's a dinner theatre place that I enjoy but can only rarely attend due to the price. I filled out a comment card once and they call me at least once a month trying to get me to buy tickets to whatever their new show is. It's annoying, but maybe I'm just weird and other people like that sort of thing.

  2. Eternalcarryoutgirl…you make good points and not everyone will fill out a comment card if the service has been great. On the other hand though if they don't fill one out and they were not happy and choose to complain afterwards we can always ask did you tell us on the comment card? If not then why complain now? As to the follow ups one can always be asked if they want to continue to be contacted each time. Some don't mind and it is a numbers game anyway,right? Thanks for the comment. There are different ways of looking at it. Especially in many cases a complaint later on no matter what happened falls on the waiter's lap.

  3. I think it would just depend on how rational the management is, or you could run into the problem eternalcarryoutgirl is referring to. From my experience, restaurant managers aren't always the MOST sensitive to the realities of human nature, statistics, and customer complaints, and they do tend to pin the blame on servers warranted or not. Comment cards might exacerbate that. If you had smart managers though, they might work well for the reasons you mentioned.

  4. yeah but I hate it when they write on the comment card that you were super fantastic great and then shat you on the tip……grrrrrrr

  5. Comment cards can be very valuable. Why not get the comment cards before the customers leave so they can talk about complains and other stuff written in the card.

  6. A.K. for sure the managers need to be rational and not pin the blame on the waiter all the time. Unfortunately a lot of managers just might use the comment card as a way of jumping on people they just don't like irregardless of whose fault it is.

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  8. Manuel…ha for sure but at least you know the service was great anyway but hey we knew that already. It doesn't do much for paying the bills. Arggghhh.

  9. Dining Table…welcome and thank you for your comment and I see you are thinking as I would. Nip in the bud while you have them close at hand rather than let whatever is bothering the guest fester.

  10. As customers we only use comment cards to say nice things [and then tip really well :D] If we have a problem with voice to the waiter or management then and there so we can leave satisfied [this rarely happens]. If it is something bigger, as the bathrooms are icky, or the bar is filthy [i.e. something they can't fix right that minute] then we will write an email at a later date just to let them know.Comment cards can come back to kick an employee in the behind because some people are just mean on purpose and will constantly leave mean remarks no matter how stellar the service. And those that enjoy the service don't seem to leave comments as often as they should [or the mean ones do].Just my opinion and experience.

  11. SkippyMom…I agree but I would just tell someone that the bathrooms were icky right away rather than the email. That has to be dealt with instantly.

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