Sometimes You Got To Be Like a Pit Bull

Tonight my start time is 5:30 and when I arrive it is already picking up. Sometimes it is like walking into a middle of a football game. Everybody is busy and you are just checking your section.

I get a deuce pretty quickly then I get a 7 top and another 2. The seven is 4 kids , a teenager , and the parents. They order soft drinks and the kids meals all around with the parents just getting a main course. Now generally you get a feeling how things are going when their bill comes to $115 and they leave a $5 tip. Then the deuce leaves $12 and the four leave $5 on their bill of $76. Do you know where I am going with this waiters out there??? I am barely making my tip out money!!! So far I have served 13 people and I doubt my sales have been $250!

Then I get my four tables sat quickly again and I get some better people. Then I get changed over to another section as people are cut and I hang on to make some money at the end.

After an awful start I remain focused and end up making $143 after tipping out $45 to the house.

My final total was $1188 in sales , 39 covers , with just over $30 average per person. That was a 15.7 % tip average on the net sales.

After a very poor start and I am not one to go in great detail but these people at the beginning were so cheap it was unbelieveable. But I just through sheer volume tonight came out alright. I dare say better than most others.

Tomorrow I open and I will see if I will stay longer and perhaps close to make some extra coin. I will be off Monday and Tuesday anyway.

Tonight it just goes to show you got to keep the hammer down and hope things get better. Like a pit bull you gotta fight , hang on , and stay positive.



  1. You win some, you lose some. Those nights are frustrating.

  2. Caleb…some tables are good some are bad what can you do? Nothing! That is the truth. Just the law of averages everything works out.

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