Now That Is Much Better!

Tonight , after getting my bad night out of the way last night , is setting me up for a good 5 days in a row. Yesterday as you may recall I walked out with a paltry sum so tonight was looking for something better and I got it.

I had a 5 table section which was never full as it wasn’t at all busy. But this time got some nice guests. Even a table that asked to be sat in my section. They asked me if I remembered them and naturally I had no recollection of who they were. Mentioning that I had done their grandson’s birthday party dinner a couple of months ago still didn’t ring a bell. Though I did say yes he sure had a good time that night didn’t he? I just said that but like I say just say something that is easy for everyone to agree on , eh! That will win you over!

Then when it came time to order the special coffee one of the guys spoke up and said do you remember the last time the coffee was cold when I ordered it from you. THEN I REMEMBERED THIS TABLE AND THIS GUY!

I tasted the coffee beforehand to test how hot it still was or had it been sitting to long in the thermos?. I had to make sure it was hot. Anyway this time it was fine.

They tipped me well and another 6 did too as well as a deuce I had earlier on in the evening.

At the end of the night and 19 covers and $723 in sales I walked out with $123 , that after tipping out $25. So my percentages were good tonight and I hardly worked up a sweat doing it.

I like those kind of nights. Started at 6:15 and was out by 10:12 , home by 11.

Bring on the weekend I say!

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