It Was a Great Day Until………………

I got to work.

I don’t know about anyone else out there but when I have been off a couple of days and I gotta go back to work I start going into a shell about 2 hours beforehand. My mind starts heading to the dark side. Like there is not one second during my time off that I think about work. Honestly.

Then I get to the stage when I have to put on my work clothes and get into the van and drive that 35 minutes to the restaurant. During the drive I can hardly keep my eyes open. Even if it is cloudy I still wear the sunglasses and I got a scowl on my face.

During the day today I did my walk one lap run one lap on an indoor track that I started to do last week to get in better shape. A mile in total. I did some reading and saw the kids off to school and picked them up.

But today heading to work it was especially tough cause it was meet the teacher night and I was missing it. Had I known I could have switched request for days off from last night to tonight but alas I will find out what happened in the morning.

I was the closer tonight and I get saddled with a party sharing it with someone else. A bunch of realtors and separate cheques. I had 4 other tables besides that and then from 8:30 on no one came in and I was cut at 10:15. That was it.

This party we were doing was something else. A bunch of realtors who were you could tell were not your top salespeople or if they were they might have left something worthwhile.

At the beginning of September the money was rolling in but the last couple of weeks it has been brutal. In fact my wife who works breakfast has been making more money than I have some nights. Thank heavens!

So I made after tip out tonight a grand total of $68. Now actually I was surprised at that amount that it was that high. There was one table that gave me cash but not sure how much they tipped as I just closed it to cash without looking at the total. Strange creature I am aren’t I?

So I am back in tomorrow night with hopefully something more positive to say. I couldn’t even make a deposit tonight. A brutal night all round and I missed the teacher’s night to boot! Arrggghh…….



  1. Thanks for sharing. I am one of those that is very tip weird. I always over tip. I have never worked as a waiter/waitress, but have family members that have.

  2. Hang in there. I am sure it is everyone getting back in the swing with school starting and vacations being over, etc.It will pick up as the weather cools and we get closer to the holidays. Right? :)…And sometimes missing Back to School night can be a blessing. heehee [I am kidding, I know how important that is to you] :0

  3. SkippyMom…absolutely right. September can be a funny month. Good for corporate company stuff but the families forget it cause it is back to school, work, etc…

  4. cd0103…you understand then. Hey can you sit in my section? lol

  5. We've slowed down considerably as well, and I'm not sure why, but I guess its going around in the restaurant industry.

  6. The Veteran Server…people just don't have the money floating around like they used to. A la carte is weekends right now.

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