Starting Tomorrow For Five Days

I have never done this up to now but starting on Wednesday through Sunday this week I will be working 5 nights in a row and I will go through each shift with some detail. Good tables , bad tables , covers , take home cash etc… How I felt at work and what I did during the day.

If you like it as the week progresses let me know and I will do it more often. After all I am a waiter so why not talk about it more. I will still get the quiz in on Thursday.



  1. I vote yes – but you know I love your waiter stories :), but I love the kid stories too and the quizzes.Oh hell, post what you want. I am always coming back 😉 [as I am sure everyone else will too, hee!]

  2. SkippyMom…you are too kind! I will make it interesting I think.

  3. Sounds like a splendid idea!

  4. Teleburst…I am posting this night now.It was brutal.

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