Doing Inventory Back in 1980

I was watching the Bar Manager doing the inventory the other night counting the wines and liquor bottles and it reminded me of the first inventory I ever did and that was on New Year’s Eve of 1980.

There was the Head Bartender and myself after a busy New Year’s Eve doing this inventory and I watched the guy nearly finish off a bottle of Haig Pinch Scotch before my very eyes. He was still sober as a judge afterwards.

My gosh that inventory occurred way back before this Bar Manager where I work was even born.

I think the older you get while you work in this business the more younger the people become. What other business do the people around you keep getting younger like this one?

Can you name one? Maybe retail?



  1. It just feels that way Waiter. They seem to get younger every year in the Swimming Pool business while Pooldad is less than a decade from SS. ROFL.The Swimming Pool business seems to be a young man's job too. [woman too]

  2. SkippyMom…the older we get the more there are

  3. You rarely see anyone over 22 working at a movie theater or a Blockbuster. The managers at McDonalds always seem to be at least 15 years older than the other employees, that's probably the only criteria for managing there, you must be 28 or older.

  4. The Veteran Server…fast food nation is the only thing young people are familiar with. The days of the older fine dining waiter are becoming a thing of the past.

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